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I love a good horror film, or four.

May 12, 2009

I’ve blown up my Netflix queue recently with a load of horror films. The first wave was fantastic!

Eden Lake

It started with the British indie thriller Eden Lake by director James Watkins, starring Kelly Reilly and Michael Fassbender. The film is about a young couple off on a romantic holiday on a secluded lake (soon to be condos). While trying to relax and have a good time, the couple are disturbed by a gang of local youths. Things quickly turn terrifying after a confrontation leads to a fight for survival as the young couple tries to escape their callous tormentors.

From the moment this film started I was on edge. It didn’t take long before we were introduced to the characters and were left to worry about what’s going to happen. The film had me feeling very disturbed in some parts to see the how vicious the gang’s leader (Jack O’Connell) could be, a kid at that!. The ruthless chase through out the woods was terrifying and it leads to, what I believe, is a good ending. I definitely went to purchase this 5 minutes after the DVD player was shut off. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a good low-EW! high-AHHH! horror/thriller.

Dance of the Dead

The second film from my queue was the horror comedy Dance of the Dead by director Gregg Bishop and writer Joe Ballarini. “On the night of the big High-School Prom, the dead rise to eat the living, and the only people who can stop them are the losers who couldn’t get dates to the dance.” (from IMDB because it sounds funnier and better than I would have explained it). Take a look at the hilarious trailer for this scary, yet funny take on zombie mayhem.

Zombie horror films are among one of my favorites, so once my friend told me about this I had to add it to the queue. This film had great effects and stunts as well as a great cast of characters, for the most part. I particularly liked the Sci-fi club’s Steven, ok I had a little crush on him but still… solid character. His crush in the film was one of the downer points for me because I thought her acting was quite flat. The Sci-fi club’s president was getting on my nerves. Greyson Chadwick‘s Lindsey was really on the mark and that made up for most it. One of the best scenes (and one of my favorite zombie film scenes ever now) from Dance of the Dead is the great ZOMBIE LOVE SCENE, it was gross yet sweet yet omg they’re eating each other yet aww it’s love. (Sorry couldn’t find a clip). The good plot and funny dialogue make this film a 7 out of 10 for me, so I still recommend it, I’m just not going to run out and get a copy of my own, well.. maybe. Oh and Favorite line: “But I don’t know how to shoot a machete“.


The french film À l’intérieur (Inside) was a terrifying story about a pregnant woman alone after a car accident leaves her husband dead. It’s the night before she goes to the hospital to deliver and she is alone, that is until a crazed woman appear at her door and is hell bent on taking the baby from her (mind you the baby is in the womb!!!). A gruesome game of cat and mouse ensues as the night goes on… trailer anyone?

This a terrific film and the first French horror I’ve ever seen. Directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury did a amazing job crafting a shocking, disturbing, frightening film starring the very talented Béatrice Dalle and Alysson Paradis. The entire film had me on edge as I witnessed the horrific battle between the two women over the unborn child. Inside was perhaps one of the most scariest films I’ve seen. Never during a film have I been so terrified as to what is going to happen next and for that I’m am truly impressed because that is what a horror film is all about! Now the only thing that prevents me from going out to pick up my own copy was the amount of gore. Personally I really not a fan of gore, but I’m not letting that stand in the way of calling this an excellent film, because it did seem, to me, that the extreme gore wasn’t there to be like “ooh yeah look at that, thats soo cool/gross”, but more like this is the story and this is what would happenish, no sugar coating it. I almost did get a little sick near the end, but I stuck it out. I hope that bit made sense back there, haha. Seriously though, if you love a good scare and can put up with a reasonable amount of gore, then you find this is one of the best films the horror genre can offer.

From Within

Now finishing up the wave of horror films on my Netflix queue is From Within. This is one of After Dark Horrorfest III’s  8 Films To Die For. A small Christian community begins to have a series of suicide’s happening all over town. Soon the the community starts to point fingers and we learn that their is something dark behind all deaths. Elizabeth Rice and Thomas Dekker star in this film by director Phedon Papamichael.

From Within is easily the best film ever to come from any of the three Horrorfests. The story to quick to begin and to pull you in. It is an amazing how unfolds with it’s twists and turns as the tension and conflict intensifies. Elizabeth Rice did a great job as this film’s lead character. The terror isn’t terribly intense (the suicide scene’s are well done though and will have you like “she’s not going to do that is she? Oh no.”, but seeing the story play out is really what makes this inide horror worthwhile. The revelations and the ending are so close to perfect. Oh I don’t want to spoil anything, but take me my word for it: This film is a must see! 

So that’s it. I was pretty excited when I got one great horror film after another. I love the genre and I loved these films. You should go check them out, all are obviously on DVD. Let me know what you think.


‘Push (2009)’: Huh?

February 26, 2009

So the other day I went to go see the film ‘Push’ starring Chris Evans (The Fantastic Four) and Dakota Fanning (You know who she is!). My thoughts? Well I kinda had a hard time knowing exactly what was going on through out the course of the film. I’m not going to spoil it with details, just know it’s pretty confusing. They kinda of set rules with the powers the characters have, but then seem to break them later on. Sometimes the rules didn’t even make any sense (i.e. Watchers). I highly doubt it was just me drooling while trying to put all of the pieces together lol. Also it seemed like it had way too much story to tell in one movie, which only adds to the confusion as you watch it. And then somehow this all leads up to less then spectacular ending. One ridiculous thing that majorly bugged be was how Nick gained such great control of his powers even though for years he’s never practiced with them to any extent to which he uses them during the film, I’d be ok if he won the battles through the assistance of the others, it’d be way more believable. Ok now the good because there was a lot of good things this film had going for it. First there are the different psychic powers. The names like Watchers, Bleeders, Movers, Shadowers, and Pushers(..etc.) excited me to know what each entailed even though not all where in the film. The effects used to show the abilities are quite cool, esp. when a Watcher ‘sees’ things in the future.

The characters like Dakota Fanning’s Cassie and Chris Evans’ Nick were well done both through the dialogue and acting. I especially liked the villain Watcher that always had a lollipop. But by far my favorite aspect of ‘Push’ was the setting, the locations, and cinematography! The story is set in various places throughout spectacular Hong Kong. The images, the colours, and shots all worked very well for the film, now I’m not a Hong Kong enthusiast or anything, but wow. Kudos on the films production design or what not. As for whether I’d recommend it or not… um maybe on video (Wait did I say video? What?) DVD! I wasn’t bummed by the fact that I paid to see it seeing that the ticket was only $4.50. Overall I’d give this film a modest 3 Stars. Everything but a working plot is there, so it’s your call. I’d most definitely give a sequel a chance seeing as they’d have had an opportunity to work on not making it too confusing and too much in the story department. Below I’ve posted the trailer if your interested. Have you seen it? What do you think?