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The things we do for success.

February 26, 2010

New Sugababes star Jade Ewen tweeted this lovely bit about flashing her bits earlier today:

(click the pic to maximize it for your pleasure)

I’d settle for a nice “thank you” or “cheers”, this seems a little much. I love me some Jade, just not some Jade, you know?


Sugababes | The Ups and Downs of change.

September 23, 2009


Trouble in girl band land is at a new high as we see the departure of Keisha Buchanan the last original member of the Sugababes. I’m not entirely sure why all of this is happening, but I’m sad none-the-less. Keisha was a great singer and will always be attached to some of the best pop songs of my generation.

And with most change there is good news and bad news!

As usual let’s start with a breakdown of the bad:

  • Style wise it looks like the new line up is trashing it up with outfits that look like they rummaged through the Pussycat Dolls’ wardrobe.
  • With all of the original members gone I’m a tad bit worried the new “Sugababes” may not keep the brand alive.
  • Keisha left.
  • Jade (the new member) is not in fact Keisha Buchanan. Not saying I’m not willing to give her a chance to prove herself a great member of the band! I was a bit leery during the 05 Mutya change, but I love Amelle like crazy mad so I’m open to the chance of accepting this Jade person.
  • The new music video for their second single will possibly be pretty bad due to the tacky outfits as seen in this (Good) article about the making the new video and all of the “what is going on”.
  • If the new album Sweet 7 gets delayed… I’ll cry.

Okay now the good news:

  • ‘Girls’ will never be a single again (slightly not relevant, but it is good news).
  • Amelle didn’t leave the band like I had feared.
  • The album will still be released and the Sugababes will continue to exist.
  • This album is almost definitely getting an American release! A little odd that the first time the Sugababes make it over here and it’s a new line up.
  • They just might come to perform in Michigan!
  • Keisha will still be signed to the same record label because now she’s a solo artist.

Now I shall leave you with Keisha’s last released Sugababes hit… ‘Get Sexy’.

okay so I can’t embed it here, damn! LINKAGE

The albums ahead | My top picks.

August 8, 2009

Nadine1. Nadine Coyle


During the year long break Girls Aloud are on, we fans were promised two solo albums from a couple of the girls, Nadine and Cheryl (to name names). Now Nadine makes the top of my list for so many reasons. She has the greatest vocals in the group, I’ve always favored her the most, she is living and working on it here in the States, and the biggest reason of all: I can barely contain myself! When is going to come out though? I have no idea. Sadly she is taking her dear sweet time as I pray every night to hear her solo works, but she is doing the smart thing by shopping around which has made quite the little bidding war ensue over who’s gonna sign her, either way I think she is in for a hell of a deal. I’m assuming it will come out before the next scheduled Girls Aloud album in fall 2010. But with a high possibility of a Stateside debut, I’ll be on the latest news like white on rice! Release: None Set (US) + (UK)

Cheryl2. Cheryl Cole


Also on break from Girls Aloud, The X-Factor star is set to release a solo album as well. It was recently announced that the singer has just finished her studio work on the album after spending two weeks in LA working with the Black Eyed Peas Will.I.Am. Though I wasn’t entirely excited to hear that was who she was working with, I’m sure that all will be fine. Whether or not she will release it Stateside I don’t know. A man could only hope. Cheryl has said that the feel of the album will be different then the typical Girls Aloud sound that I’ve known and  loved for years now. She said it with be more R&B-ish, again not exactly what I wanna hear but oh well, with dance moves like hers (see Passion of Girls Aloud Cheryl’s episode) I’m excited to see the video and song she has chosen for her first single out sometime soon. Release: possible Fall 2009 (UK), ?? (US)

Kris Allen3. Kris Allen


American Idol champ is set to release his debut album some time this fall. I’ve been anticipating the release of his album half way through the competition, with his good looks, charm, and mesmerizing voice. I’ve fallen in love with Kris Allen ladys and gentleman, oooh how I have fallen for him. While I don’t want to rush perfection, I really need to hear this album. Though they better leave ‘No Boundaries’ off of the tracklist, if they know what’s good for them. Kara, do you hear me?! Keep off this album. Kris has so much talent and passion for this, I sure it will be well worth the wait.  – Release: Fall 2009 (US)

Pixie Lott

4. Pixie Lott

Turn It Up,

18 year-old British singer Pixie Lott has, as of recently, my new obsession of 2009. After becoming addicted to her recent #1 hit ‘Mama Do‘ and becoming even more so addicted to her follow single ‘Boys & Girls‘, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for what this album has in store. After hearing a few leaked bits hear and there, they anticipation has only escalated. It’s said that Pixie will take this album Stateside. I’m not sure if I could wait, but maybe that will give me a chance to see her live?! Anyways this is the first album on the list so far that has a confirmed release date, even if it is only a UK one. It’s not too faaarrr aaawwwaaayyy!!!! Release: September 14th (UK), ?? (US)

shakira5. Shakira

She Wolf,

After hearing the great new track ‘She Wolf‘ I was instantly in love. The decision to get the album was a no-brainer. Shakira has always been one of my favorite artist ever since the outstanding album Laundry Service. Shakira is definitely and “album artist”, and She Wolf will be her third English album, but like Laundry Service it will also contain a few spanish tracks (yeah!). A big change will be in the type of music this album has. I’m very excited to hear that it will have more of an electro-pop feel to it unlike her previous efforts, but still have a worldly sound as she will be, again, drawing influence from different cultures. – Release: October 5th (US)

Christina Aguilera6Christina Aguilera

Light & Darkness,

I’m extremely excited to hear that Christina is working on her fourth studio album, and I even more excited to hear that instead of going through the same Back to Basics sound Christina’s new work well have a new futuristic, electronica, dance, pop sound that we’ve never heard from her before. Those kinds of styles really something I’d love to see her do. To help with the project Aguilera is working with a load of different producers, like the Australian singer-songwriter Sia, British acts like Goldfrapp and Ladytron, as well as a host of others. I’m actually getting more pumped about this release as I’m typing this. Release: Fall 2009 (US)


Brand New Eyes,

I’ve always been a huge fan of Paramore. The day I heard ‘Emergency‘ on the free Best Buy sampler I got while at Warped Tour I knew I had to pick up Hear We Go Again. Now on their third album release I’m still über-anxious to hear what they’ve got in store to follow up the smash hit record Riot!. The lead single ‘Ignorance‘ isn’t really wowing me, but it feels like a grower, (Update:) I’m liking more and more with every listen. This album is not too far away with an early fall release.  – Release: September 29th (US)

Sugababes8. Sugababes


This fall the Suagbabes are going to release a follow up to 2008’s Catfights & Spotlights, which wasn’t much of a success at all. This time around the album shows a bit of promise with the lead single ‘Get Sexy’. Now I’m hoping for Change-level greatness, but I feel it’s not going to match up. Never-the-less I’m excited to hear new Sugababe material because there has been so much that they’ve released through the years that I’m a fan of. Maybe this will be the album they take to America? I hope so. – Release: November 9th (UK)

Erik Hassle9Erik Hassle


Swedish artist Erik Hassle is still included on this list even though I’ve kinda heard his entire album, though it has yet-to-be released anywhere. And let me tell you it is brilliant. It’s a perfect collection of singer-songwriter pop hits. Soon he will be releasing my favorite track off the album ‘Don’t Bring Flowers‘ as a UK debut single. His other, not as amazing single,’Hurtful‘ was the initial one that peaked my interests though. I can’t wait till his album gets a release because he deserves to be a star worldwide. Of course there will be a Swedish release, and a UK release, and maybe even a US release, I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.   – Release: Out Now (SE) Not Set (UK) ?? (US)

Alexandra Burke10. Alexandra Burke


The recent X-Factor winner and vocal powerhouse Alexandra Burke comes in at number 10 on the list. Her album has been pushed back a bit before, but if that’s what was needed to really help put those touches of perfection on her debut, then I guess I’ll wait. Granted I didn’t get to watch this past season of The X-Factor I did see clips and hear bits of her performing on the show. Another thing that caught my attention and assured me that she was headed Stateside was the 5 album US record deal she has already landed. Well with a powerhouse single like the winning cover of ‘Hallelujah‘ I’m sure she’ll have a killer album and career.Release: October 29th (UK) ?? (US)

Dolly Rockers11Dolly Rockers


Described as being Wonky Pop and Drunk Disco their music is fun, extremely danceable, and sing-a-longy. Their first two released tracks ‘Je Suis Une Dolly‘ and ‘Gold Digger‘ so fit the bill. I’ve fallen for the Dolly music just not the Dolly’s themselves, maybe they should cut the celeb bashing, they shouldn’t talk trash about other stellar established girl groups like The Saturdays, it’s all a bit tired and lame. Work on that record instead, cos I want to hear more of your music, not your pointless bickering. Release: End of 2009 or Beginning of 2010 (UK)

La Roux12. La Roux

La Roux,

Like Erik Hassle I’ve had the chance to listen to the entire album already yet I’m still adding it to my list because La Roux is still up and coming here in the States. Their first single ‘In For The Kill‘ was the initial track that had me hooked, but more and more I’m telling people how amazing this new dou is based on their second (and number one UK single) ‘Bulletproof‘. They are a talented pair with an amazing synth pop throwback sound that is right up my alley. I hope you give them a listen too, if your into that sort of thing. – Release: September 29th (US) Out Now (UK)

Robbie Williams13. Robbie Williams

Reality Killed The Video Star,

Robbie Williams is a massive star in the UK, yet not well known here in the States. It’s taken a while for me to actually get into him and I’m still working on it (I’ve recently got his entire catalogue). I’m a fan of his singles, but I still need time to check out the what? 8 albums he has already put out. Though I am still excited to hear his most recent work with this new album. Did I mention he is my old man crush?  – Release: November 9th (UK)

Update!: The ones I missed

New Single Alert!: ‘Get Sexy’, the Sugababes are back.

July 8, 2009

Yesterday the UK’s Radio One debuted the Sugababes‘ new single ‘Get Sexy’, but sadly I don’t live in the UK so I had to wait for the inevitable leak. Let me tell you! THEY ARE BACK IN BUSINESS! Granted they didn’t have a Mariah level of a fall from the spotlight, but their last album didn’t do too hot. Post-‘Girls’ I was very worried because that was quite possibly their worst single to date, though after hearing ‘Get Sexy’ I must say my fears are gone. Now it’s a great dance track that plays with the whole “I’m too sexy…” song thing from back in the day, I can’t say that the whole thing is terribly original with all of the artist we have now using old song bits it their current hits, but eh. The choruses are great, the beat is easily danceable, and has a very urban feel. Hopefully they are going to make this their first American single because it has an undeniably American feel to it. I think the chances of that happening are high because they have been recording in America under Jay-Z’s record label (Roc Nation), which doesn’t hurt. The single is set to be released as a digital download on 16 August 2009 and physically released on 31 August 2009 in the UK. Popjustice has a snippet of  the single up as their ‘Song of the Day’ that you can head over and check out by clicking here. And here is a youtube post of the entire song (let’s hope it will stay up): Enjoy!

UPDATED: (Official Music Video)