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Quick Notes on The X Factor | Live Show + Results 8

November 29, 2009

It’s a sad sad day. Granted I knew this moment was bound to come sooner or later seeing as we are drawing to a close on The X Factor, but the pain! THE PAIN in my heart! I’m pretty much devoting this post to my man Lloyd. Too Soon man, too soon.

Lets relive some of my favorite Lloyd moments, shall we?

Ahh, who can forget the love at first sight/sound:

We struggled a bit in the beginning with song choice, didn’t we Cheryl (Still love you girl)?! But Lloyd sure did try his best and worked with what he was given like on ‘Bleeding Love’ from Live Show 2. Beautiful verses and bridges, only a little rough on that chorus:

Through the course of the competition you’ve really strived to give it your all and you’ve really grown as a performer week after week. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite Live Show performances:


and of course, there is his amazing farewell performance of ‘A Million Love Songs’:

He finished that song wonderfully, no? I like to pretend he is singing it to me.

Well it’s been a good time while it’s lasted. I think he’s done an amazing job, especially for being only 16. He’s grown so much as a performer thanks to this opportunity and I hope to see more of him in the future. I LOVE YOU LLOYD.


In other X Factor news:

Louis Walsh is an asshole and shouldn’t make such horrible jokes about contestants, especially not given his position as a judge. My hatred for Mr. Walsh knows no bounds at this moment.

I really loved Joe‘s performance of the Elton John song ‘Sorry[…]”. Yeah Joe!

Olly was fantastic! Both songs oozed amazing! He is just so talented and fun. Like always, Olly’s my pick to win.

If I had it my way…

Top 3: Olly, Lucie, Lloyd

in reality it will be (hopefully)…

Top 3: Olly, Joe, Stacey

Next week won’t be the same with out my Lloyd, but with Olly around I’m sure I’ll manage because he has THE X FACTOR!!! [outro music here]


Quick Notes on The X Factor | Live Show 7

November 22, 2009

With six singers left in the competition the bar keeps on rising. This week the contestants sung a collection of songs by George Michael and Wham!. I think it was a pretty good theme choice; I was kinda more excited for Queen week, but you win some and you lose some folks just thank god it wasn’t country week … wait. It wouldn’t make sense to a country week in the UK would it? I apologize, I’m still stuck on an American Idol format. Last night I was wowed by most of the singers, with the exception of Jedward of course. Lets go ahead and get down to business, yeah?

  • Starting the show off was mister Lloyd Daniels, I’m really excited to see that he is improving week after week now. This definitely one of his more comfortable performances and also one of his most well executed vocally. I loved his new haircut and I’m, yet again, falling more and more in love with this guy. I’m anxious to see who goes home tonight, please not my boy Lloydsters.
  • Next was the lovely Stacey Solomon with yet another great performance. I’d have to say that I’m more in love with her personality though and I’m not really hoping she makes it to the top 3.
  • Jedward‘s performance this week, and pretty much every week, was horrible. I’m really annoyed they have made it this far. If anyone deserves to go home it is them. The vocals are always off if you can even hear them as they are being drowned out by the rest of the sideshow going on. British people, please send them home.
  • Danyl did yet another ballad all big and facially over exaggerated… surprise! I’m am yet again bored by him and I think he’d make a boring X Factor winner. Though on a somewhat good note for him, I think Cheryl was a bit off when she said he was flat. Girl don’t pull a Paula and go crazy on us! Your better than that.
  • My absolute favorite and top choice to be crowned this years champ is Olly Murs. This week he was given a great song (‘Fastlove’) that really helped him show a bit more of a contemporary side while being completely sexy. Week after week he delivers the best and i’m always looking forward to seeing him. Louis was actually spot on for a change! Olly can be a great popstar. Ok let’s just get this out of the way now…. I LOVE YOU OLLY! WOO! Well now that’s better… let’s continue, shall we?
  • Finishing up the night is the very very attractive, cute, and talented Joseph McElderry. I’m still not a huge fan of his voice, just a matter of preference I guess, but I think he has been doing well.  I would like to see him make the top 3 and also do more upbeat tracks because he’s starting to get  little boring to me.

Well I’m waiting for the results! Sadly I’ll get them behind everyone else, but oh well. JEDWARD MUST LEAVE. LET US NOT FORGET LUCIE! I miss her.

To check out the performances of this week and previous weeks click here to visit the shows YouTube channel.

Quick Notes on The X Factor | Live Show 5

November 7, 2009

Let’s just start this off by saying that I’m enamored with Cheryl Cole’s accent. I just LOVE it! But on to business… It being movie week and all we have to get serious and to the point. I’ve just finished watching all of the performances a la YouTube (unfortunately), so I may voice my idea before tomorrow’s results.

  • Joe, man your cute, but your voice just doesn’t do it for me. It’s a good vocal and all, but I just don’t care for him. Oh and Cheryl… ‘The Circle of Life’? Really? I say no.
  • Jedward was sickly entertaining in the train wreck sort of sense, but I for one am sick of seeing them week after week. Britain, why?
  • Da… bored, next.
  • Lucie‘s was given a great song choice in, my opinion, I think she did an great job with it. In comparison to the original though, it’s not as good, but she is definitely one of my choices for the top 3.
  • I honestly don’t enjoy Jamie‘s performances, I never have. I really just don’t think that he is vocally impressive or artistically impressive and lacks The X Factor. At this moment I’d imagine I would be getting an audience full of boos.
  • This week Lloyd had a better song to perform and it had it’s great moments, but it also had it’s sour points. I do realize that he isn’t the best vocalist, but I am absolutely head over heels for this kid. Ideally I would like to see him go all the way to the top 3 just so I can see him more. May he not be in the bottom this week please!
  • Olly was simply the best of the night! He is a strong performer that just blows me away week after week. I would like to see him do more contemporary tunes like had Cheryl said. I’m whole heartedly all about Olly for the win!
  • I love her personality and adore her energy, but I’m not too big into Stacey. Her performances are good, for the most part, but she just isn’t someone I’d want to hear record an album. I do applaud her performance tonight though, because it was a definite step up in confidence and stage presence. Okay upon review I have most definitely changed my mind. I loved that performance!

Tomorrow night I’m really hoping Jedward leave. To see Danyl or Jamie in the bottom 2 with them would be nice. Please Britain, just not my Lloyd! On a final note, I just have to say that one of my favorite performances for a movie week has to Kris Allen’s ‘Falling Slowly‘ from American Idol.

Quick Notes on The X Factor | Live Show 4

November 2, 2009

This week’s dreadful theme was Rock, thank you Simon Cowell. While it wasn’t my favorite week so far, some of the acts did shine. Though no one really gave the best performance of the season (series), last night went really fairly well. Anyways here are my quick notes on the Live Show and the Results…

  • Olly was great, no surprise, though I do prefer Kris Allen’s performance of ‘Come Together’ which he did it on American Idol early this year. But sadly Kris didn’t show a little skin, good on you Olly!
  • Why Britain? Why are John & Edward still here and why did you vote them through to next week?
  • Rachel was fine. I just don’t care for her, Jamie, and Danyl.
  • Jamie… yawn.
  • I like Stacy but I thought her performance of Keane was kinda bad. Sure she seemed to have more performance skills showing, but vocally she ruined the song. It was like loud one line then quiet then next and she was just trying to take it everywhere.
  • Olly is so freaking sexy. Do you remember that time we ripped open his shirt?
  • Wow can you say depressing? I agree with Cheryl and Dannii on Danyl‘s performance. That whole thing was just so depressing.
  • This week was definitely Lloyd‘s worst performance. While he was looking very confident, that song was just a horrible choice. Cheryl is really getting it wrong with him. I wept a little because I’m so in love with him.
  • Lucie was given a song perfect for her! ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’?! Way to go Dannii! Not as stunning last week of course, but it was very very good. I was hoping she would have taken it more like the Taken By Tree’s version rather than the original, that would have been amazing!
  • Now with Joe Cheryl’s song choice was spot on! ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ was an amazing song for Joe, while typically I don’t care for Joe’s vocals, this week I thought it all worked out really well! He did a great job. He is very cute when he performs.
  • I liked the dancer’s in ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.

Okay now the Results:

  • As soon as I seen Lloyd in the bottom two I was near tears.
  • Rachel wasn’t a surprise.
  • After an agonizing sing off and a judges vote, which I’m so glad they went with the public vote, I was finally relieved to see that the public had voted Rachel out.
  • BTW what’s next weeks theme?

I’m watching ‘The X Factor’ this series and Cheryl Cole is [mostly] why.

August 24, 2009

It’s been a rough this year with no Girls Aloud album to look forward to in the fall. I was wonder “how will I go on?”, but just in the nick of time the 6th series of the UK show The X Factor premieres. This past saturday by the graces of all that is holy Mrs. Cheryl Cole made her return to the hit show as one of the best singing competition judges ever (yeah that’s right I said EVER, Paula Abdul eat your heart out!). Speaking of which I feel Mrs. Cole is a perfect candidate to replace the late great American Idol judge.

Cheryl Cole 2

Ok ok no more anti-Paula, seriously though! I’m excited for this season to really kick off. I’m not one for watching the audition processes for the show, I’d rather fast forward to the good stuff (i.e. the Boot Camp bit and the what not after). Happily I will be able delay my Girls Aloud withdrawals a little longer while I hang on to ever word Cheryl says during the competition and in hopes of some sort of performance or what not of her upcoming debut solo single.

In other X Factor news, the talent that we did get to see was rather good. I really loved Stacey Soloman’s personality and her performance (watch here) took me by surprise as well, loved it. Joseph McElderry is such a cutie and did a great job as well with his performance (watch here). Last, but definitely not least was Danyl Johnson who just did a stunning performance (watch here) that was soo freaking genius for an audition that you just know he is going all the way to the final group.

If you want to catch the whole episode check out It’s not a quality picture but the audio is good. I really wish they aired this in America.