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“Beverly Leslie is a homosexual”

March 30, 2010

And, not surprisingly, so is Ricky Martin… officially. I’m take this news as a chance to say “Yeah!” and bring this amazing song back into the light of day:

Confession: Ricky’s album sleeve led to many of my fantasies back in the day. Oh Ricky.


Album Review | Gabriella Cilmi’s ‘Ten’

March 27, 2010

This is somewhat of a late review, but it’s a review none-the-less…

After what I would call a not so exciting debut, Gabriella Cilmi is back and definitely better than ever. Aside from “Save The Lives” and the smash hit “Sweet About Me” Cilmi’s tune’s bored me a bit which I found a bit shocking do to the amazing production team behind the scenes: Xenomania. This time around she picks things up with a shift to an electropop, disco, 80s inspired beat that is done the best on “On A Mission” the album’s first single and key track. At first I would have said that it was my favorite track, but after a few listens through the entire album there are quite a couple that come very close to that title.

To start from the beginning of the record, Gabriella Cilmi leads the album with the strong opener, “On A Mission“, and following that the album continues with the possible second single and Xenomania tagged “Hearts Don’t Lie”, a less intense groove from the first track, yet still genius. Cilmi’s album continues to slow the beat down bit by bit with the next midtempo track “What If You Knew” which is a confessional tune about being in love with your best mate, again genius track. The descending tempo graph somewhat levels out to bring you another beautiful midtempo called “Love Me Cos You Want To“, folks.. the title pretty much tells you whats the what for this song. Bringing us back on the descending tempo track theme is the album’s ballad, well it’s one of two but this is the better one… by a lot, “Defender“. This song really puts it’s success in the hand’s of her voice and she nails it! She restrains it beautifully, as to not over do it, and gives the track it’s star power. Ok lets move on before I gush all over this… Okay you can forget the tempo chart because the rest of the album don’t really follow the aforementioned patterned. “Robots“, a brilliant midtempo electo beat filled track talking about that puzzling question of the ages: What if we were robots? Sort of serious yet fun song. Seven tracks in and sadly we come to the last of Miss Cilmi’s five star musical brilliance with “Superhot“, a sexy pace jumping tune that feels fairly 80s. Love it.

Now for the bad news… I’ll make this bit quick. Unfortunately what we have been left with was a half of a masterpiece. Ten‘s last six tracks fail to excite or even keep your focus. “Boys” and “Invisible Girl” bore, “Let Me Know” fits comfortably nowhere on this album, and “Superman” is yet another bore that by this point in the album you could possibly already be sleeping. “Glue” comes in as the best of the worst, a ballad that just doesn’t rise above okay (it’s good, but not great). And to wrap things up there is the absolute “what were you thinking?!?” track: “Sweet About Me (Twenty Ten Version)“… they pretty much took a shit one of Cilmi’s best releases. Shame.

Well it seems that this time around Gabriella Cilmi delivered, but where’s the other half? Maybe this could be corrected before it’s given an international release. The brilliance of the first half of the album is just about enough to overlook the mundane second act, but let’s shoot for a 100% when album three comes around cos I’d love to hear more, especially with the new direction you’ve went it. All in all I’d say that this ranks as one of the better releases of 2010 so far.

Score: 3.8* out of 5

*not counting the possible Record Label forced inclusion of “Sweet About Me (Twenty Ten Version)”

I don’t care if we’re just friends

March 11, 2010

Artist: Kate Nash

Song: “Do Wah Doo”

It’s the first single off her upcoming second album called: My Best Friend Is You which is released o April 10th, 2010 in the UK, hopefully followed by a US release soon after.

Current feeling: I’m in love with this track! The video is amazing. The Nash is back.”

That is all.

Come get your beat back in the game.

February 25, 2010

Xenomania is literally the mecca of outstanding pop music. New to the solo scene is Singer – Songwriter Florrie who was a drummer in Xeno’s house band (those drums in ‘The Promise’, that’s her). Check out a remix of what is possibly her first single. It ridiculously fresh, addicting, and extremely dance worthy.

Florrie – “Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)”

Download this track for free @

You have a way of moving me.

February 24, 2010

Brilliant mix, great video, and…

Possibly the year’s best dance track, so far.

Selena Gomez & the Scene – “Naturally (Dave Audé Remix)”

Gabriella Cilmi is ‘On A Mission’ to reach sophomore success with her newest single.

January 12, 2010

18 year old Australian popstar Gabriella Cilmi is proving she has what it takes to top the charts in 2010 with her new lead single ‘On A Mission’ out in the UK on March 7th. The new album will be out in the UK on March 22nd, and hopefully it will find it’s way to America very soon. My current thoughts: EASILY the most brilliant thing she has released so far, if this is the new sound for her then I’m on edge waiting for the new album. Like most people I’m was a huge fan of the star’s debut single ‘Sweet About Me’, but probably unlike most people… I didn’t care for Lessons To Be Learned. While Xenomania tends to be spot on for me (I mean hallo! Girls Aloud!!) Climi’s debut was a bit boring. The new sound that we hear in ‘On A Mission’ is pretty much on the level of pop BRILLIANCE, and that’s kinda high. The retro-futuristic scifi theme of the music video perfectly adds to the amazing. The chorus and verses are irresistible and addicting, go on and try not tapping your foot or singing/shouting along to this. Love it or not… I think this is a great start to 2010.

Happy Seventh Anniversary Girls Aloud!

November 30, 2009

It’s been seven years to the day that Girls Aloud formed as a band on Popstars: The Rivals! Congratulations girls, you’ve managed to become one of the greatest girl groups in history. 20 consecutive top ten hits in the UK charts (including four number ones and four number twos, also 15 top 5 singles) and  6 Platinum Albums!

Girls Aloud are my all time favorite recording artists and I just want to say…


I’m smitten with the past and I can’t wait for the future! Well done girls!

Cheryl Cole: 3 Words | Album Review

October 25, 2009

3 WordsInitially I was thrilled to hear that two of the five member’s of the UK girl group Girls Aloud were going to release solo projects while they are on a break from the band. Cheryl has become one of the most lovable famous faces in Britain today and seems to be somewhat of a national treasure. Apart from the group and in addition she has been a judge on The X Factor, the new face of L’Oreal, and well if your here you probably know all about her so let’s get to it then, yeah?

3 Words is the solo debut and sixth studio album by the British popstar  Cheryl Cole. Her main collaborator was and it definitely shows. Cheryl has said that she wanted to break away from the Xenomania-esque sound Girls Aloud has been known for and go for an album with an R&B feel, it was at that moment I sighed a little. What we ended up with was a less than stellar debut, filled with repetitive hooks, meh lyrics, and all in all lack luster tunes. The album itself is a not particularly bad, it’s just not as fantastic as I had hoped for. Cheryl’s 3 Words overall is a(n) occasionally dark,  mid tempo melody of songs about love and clearly reflects on her own life choices.

Here is my quasi-track by track breakdown of 3 Words:

  1. 3 Words (featuring The album’s title track and soon to be second single is a strangely beautiful subdued tune that is among the best the album has to offer. It’s a bold choice for a single, but never the less I enjoy this song. Cheryl has said this is her favorite track on the album.
  2. Parachute: Some of my favorite verses on this album happen in this song. “I don’t tell anyone about the way you hold my hand” backed by a military drum beat that plays throughout the song opens this great track. The chorus is used in just the right amount of moderation (unlike most on the album). Cheryl has said it was between this and ‘Fight For This Love’ for the first single, so maybe this will surface again as the third? Like the ‘3 Words’, this one shines above the rest.
  3. Heaven (featuring Memorizing opening followed by a great intro by Cheryl. Everything about the song is fantastic, except for the over used bit “my heaven’s with you“, it can get a bit annoying. So far so good.
  4. Fight For This Love: The album’s first single is most certainly a grower. I at first was fairly disappointed, but soon enough I began to love it. It’s catchy is a sneaky way! I do cringe a bit at the line “ain’t gonna be no picnic” though. Other than that I am that fool driving down the street singing loudly along to the chorus.
  5. Rain On Me: This is where things take a turn for the worst. Horrible music, horrible lyrics, just an awful track that would be better left off the album. “What’s the price of thunder?” Really Cheryl? I have half a mind to just delete this track and pretend it never existed.
  6. Make Me Cry: A really good R&B tune that is really catchy, but falters due to the extremely repetitious hook “Are you trying to make me cry?“. If they edited out about 3 of the uses each time it plays in repetition I think all will be good. Granted the likelihood of this horrible mistake being corrected is very small.
  7. Happy Hour: Using alcohol as a metaphor, this track is easily one of my favorites on the album. It’s the best out of more upbeat tracks that are sprinkled throughout. A great chorus, great verses, and good production make this a standout track. Catchy enough to sing along to and upbeat enough to get a good dance going on.
  8. Stand Up: This can join ‘Rain On Me’ as one of the worst track’s on the album. Taio Cruz wrote this for her and frankly I think she should have declined. I don’t even know how to explain it… tacky maybe?
  9. Don’t Talk About This Love: Mrs. Cole is clearly talking about asking people not to talk about the whole Ashley Cole businesses. The title suggests that this might be a beautiful, soulful track, well it’s deceiving. The music is fairly light and the lyrics are easily delivered, but it just makes it sound like it was poorly produced.
  10. Boy Like You (featuring Upbeat and seemly fun to dance to. It’s just very underwhelming. The open has me thinking “oh this may build up nice”, but nope. Cheryl’s delivery just makes the chorus and the entire song a borefest.
  11. Heartbreaker (featuring Cheryl Cole): This a that is unnecessarily included on her album. She’s in it for about 30 seconds! Cheryl’s part is so tiny is ridiculous. It’s an okay song, it just shouldn’t have been included.

In some final words let me say that I had high expectations for this album due to the fact I’m a huge fan of Girls Aloud. I knew I could possibly be in for heart break the moment I heard she wanted to do an R&B album, but my hopes stayed high. Needless to say she did a decent job on her first real solo venture (in music). Most of 3 Words had to grow on me, but when it did I really enjoyed it. C+

Sugababes | The Ups and Downs of change.

September 23, 2009


Trouble in girl band land is at a new high as we see the departure of Keisha Buchanan the last original member of the Sugababes. I’m not entirely sure why all of this is happening, but I’m sad none-the-less. Keisha was a great singer and will always be attached to some of the best pop songs of my generation.

And with most change there is good news and bad news!

As usual let’s start with a breakdown of the bad:

  • Style wise it looks like the new line up is trashing it up with outfits that look like they rummaged through the Pussycat Dolls’ wardrobe.
  • With all of the original members gone I’m a tad bit worried the new “Sugababes” may not keep the brand alive.
  • Keisha left.
  • Jade (the new member) is not in fact Keisha Buchanan. Not saying I’m not willing to give her a chance to prove herself a great member of the band! I was a bit leery during the 05 Mutya change, but I love Amelle like crazy mad so I’m open to the chance of accepting this Jade person.
  • The new music video for their second single will possibly be pretty bad due to the tacky outfits as seen in this (Good) article about the making the new video and all of the “what is going on”.
  • If the new album Sweet 7 gets delayed… I’ll cry.

Okay now the good news:

  • ‘Girls’ will never be a single again (slightly not relevant, but it is good news).
  • Amelle didn’t leave the band like I had feared.
  • The album will still be released and the Sugababes will continue to exist.
  • This album is almost definitely getting an American release! A little odd that the first time the Sugababes make it over here and it’s a new line up.
  • They just might come to perform in Michigan!
  • Keisha will still be signed to the same record label because now she’s a solo artist.

Now I shall leave you with Keisha’s last released Sugababes hit… ‘Get Sexy’.

okay so I can’t embed it here, damn! LINKAGE

Pixie Lott tops the UK charts… again.

September 13, 2009

Pixie's Second Single Cover

Congratulations to Pixie Lott! She topped the UK singles charts yet again with her smash hit ‘Boys and Girls‘. The lucky English get to also enjoy the release of Pixie’s new album Turn It Up today. I’m a wicked amount of jealous over on this side of the atlantic. This single is by far one of my favorite of the year. It’s good to see her going places.