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Paranormal Activity | The hype, the success, and the alternate ending…

October 26, 2009

paranormal_activity_posterThis film is no doubt one of the hottest topics this season. Paranormal Activity is an independent feature ,written and directed by Oren Peli, that tells the story of a young couple plagued by a demonic presence. The young couple, played by Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat, purchase a video camera in hopes of capturing the nightly activity of this demonic presence. What they find and what we see is absolutely terrifying. The film is seen through the lens of the prosumer camera and unlike other films with the same concept, Paranormal Activity spares you the motion sickness by remain fairly stationary throughout. The actors are both natural and comical, just very enjoyable and very relatable. The film gives the viewer a sense, both physically and mentally, that they are truly witnessing these experiences. The way the film looks and feels so real really heightens the terror factor when you are waiting for and seeing the happenings. Paranormal Activity is a goosebumps, skin-crawling, anxious, sort of terror that gets your blood pumping. You do have to be a bit patient in waiting for the occurrences, but when they happen they just get progressively more intense. I’ve seen it twice, and both times I felt the same amount of sheer terror. I believe it is definitely one of the most terrifying films in years.

Oren Peli made this film on a budget of a mere $15,000, back in 2006. Last week the film given a wide release and took the number one spot, raking in 22 million dollars bring it’s total box office to 62 million dollars. No matter who you consult, that is a outstanding achievement.

Now I was at first surprised to hear that the ending in the film wasn’t the original. Upon viewing the film Mr. Steven Spielberg suggested an different ending which is the one being shown in the theaters. Personally I think the new ending is fantastic and I like it a considerable amount more than the original. Here is the original ending…

(DO NOT WATCH UNLESS YOU’VE SEEN THE FILM, don’t ruin it for yourself)

This film is quite possibly my favorite film of the year. A


I love a good horror film, or four.

May 12, 2009

I’ve blown up my Netflix queue recently with a load of horror films. The first wave was fantastic!

Eden Lake

It started with the British indie thriller Eden Lake by director James Watkins, starring Kelly Reilly and Michael Fassbender. The film is about a young couple off on a romantic holiday on a secluded lake (soon to be condos). While trying to relax and have a good time, the couple are disturbed by a gang of local youths. Things quickly turn terrifying after a confrontation leads to a fight for survival as the young couple tries to escape their callous tormentors.

From the moment this film started I was on edge. It didn’t take long before we were introduced to the characters and were left to worry about what’s going to happen. The film had me feeling very disturbed in some parts to see the how vicious the gang’s leader (Jack O’Connell) could be, a kid at that!. The ruthless chase through out the woods was terrifying and it leads to, what I believe, is a good ending. I definitely went to purchase this 5 minutes after the DVD player was shut off. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a good low-EW! high-AHHH! horror/thriller.

Dance of the Dead

The second film from my queue was the horror comedy Dance of the Dead by director Gregg Bishop and writer Joe Ballarini. “On the night of the big High-School Prom, the dead rise to eat the living, and the only people who can stop them are the losers who couldn’t get dates to the dance.” (from IMDB because it sounds funnier and better than I would have explained it). Take a look at the hilarious trailer for this scary, yet funny take on zombie mayhem.

Zombie horror films are among one of my favorites, so once my friend told me about this I had to add it to the queue. This film had great effects and stunts as well as a great cast of characters, for the most part. I particularly liked the Sci-fi club’s Steven, ok I had a little crush on him but still… solid character. His crush in the film was one of the downer points for me because I thought her acting was quite flat. The Sci-fi club’s president was getting on my nerves. Greyson Chadwick‘s Lindsey was really on the mark and that made up for most it. One of the best scenes (and one of my favorite zombie film scenes ever now) from Dance of the Dead is the great ZOMBIE LOVE SCENE, it was gross yet sweet yet omg they’re eating each other yet aww it’s love. (Sorry couldn’t find a clip). The good plot and funny dialogue make this film a 7 out of 10 for me, so I still recommend it, I’m just not going to run out and get a copy of my own, well.. maybe. Oh and Favorite line: “But I don’t know how to shoot a machete“.


The french film À l’intérieur (Inside) was a terrifying story about a pregnant woman alone after a car accident leaves her husband dead. It’s the night before she goes to the hospital to deliver and she is alone, that is until a crazed woman appear at her door and is hell bent on taking the baby from her (mind you the baby is in the womb!!!). A gruesome game of cat and mouse ensues as the night goes on… trailer anyone?

This a terrific film and the first French horror I’ve ever seen. Directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury did a amazing job crafting a shocking, disturbing, frightening film starring the very talented Béatrice Dalle and Alysson Paradis. The entire film had me on edge as I witnessed the horrific battle between the two women over the unborn child. Inside was perhaps one of the most scariest films I’ve seen. Never during a film have I been so terrified as to what is going to happen next and for that I’m am truly impressed because that is what a horror film is all about! Now the only thing that prevents me from going out to pick up my own copy was the amount of gore. Personally I really not a fan of gore, but I’m not letting that stand in the way of calling this an excellent film, because it did seem, to me, that the extreme gore wasn’t there to be like “ooh yeah look at that, thats soo cool/gross”, but more like this is the story and this is what would happenish, no sugar coating it. I almost did get a little sick near the end, but I stuck it out. I hope that bit made sense back there, haha. Seriously though, if you love a good scare and can put up with a reasonable amount of gore, then you find this is one of the best films the horror genre can offer.

From Within

Now finishing up the wave of horror films on my Netflix queue is From Within. This is one of After Dark Horrorfest III’s  8 Films To Die For. A small Christian community begins to have a series of suicide’s happening all over town. Soon the the community starts to point fingers and we learn that their is something dark behind all deaths. Elizabeth Rice and Thomas Dekker star in this film by director Phedon Papamichael.

From Within is easily the best film ever to come from any of the three Horrorfests. The story to quick to begin and to pull you in. It is an amazing how unfolds with it’s twists and turns as the tension and conflict intensifies. Elizabeth Rice did a great job as this film’s lead character. The terror isn’t terribly intense (the suicide scene’s are well done though and will have you like “she’s not going to do that is she? Oh no.”, but seeing the story play out is really what makes this inide horror worthwhile. The revelations and the ending are so close to perfect. Oh I don’t want to spoil anything, but take me my word for it: This film is a must see! 

So that’s it. I was pretty excited when I got one great horror film after another. I love the genre and I loved these films. You should go check them out, all are obviously on DVD. Let me know what you think.

Check this out: ‘Harper’s Island’ on CBS

April 11, 2009

Ok so I missed the premiere of CBS’ new show Harper’s Island on thursday, I was über-psyched to see it but how could I pass up a party? Anyways HI is a 13 episode murder-mystery that takes place on a secluded island off the coast of Seattle during a week long celebration of a wedding. This island has a bloody history behind it and many of the character’s are tied to it’s past. Henry and Trish’s wedding week turns into a one of survival as they have to stay alive and figure out who’s killing all the guest/them too (I guess it’s possible)? Oooooh man, this sounds so up my alley. I love TV/Movies like this and with Entertainment Weekly describing it as Scream meets Ten Little Indians (granted I had to look up the latter) I was giddy… I repeat giddy with excitement. And get this… each week someone dies! Duh dun (how ever you type that sound). Well I was def impressed by the piolt and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next week! There is also a Harper’s Island app for the iPhone, which is wicked cool sounding! But I don’t have a freaking iPhone. Ugh. Well good news for me and those of you who care to check this show out… you can download the pilot episode in HD for FREE on iTunes here or you can check it out @, It’s has some shocking deaths for primetime. Enjoy

It’s on regularly @ 10p.m. Eastern on CBS

Psst. let me know what you think, later.

Buyer Beware: ‘My Bloody Valentine 3-D (2009)’

January 19, 2009

For those of you that have yet to see this movie, good. It means there is still time to warn you (and your wallet) about how this film a nothing more than a horrible waste of $14.50 (approx.). I’m sorry if you have went to see it already (and actually liked it, just kidding), but for that lot out there: DON”T. Now I’m a fan of a good slasher/killer film [Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Hitcher (1986), etc.] but MBV 3D had nothing going for it, not even the promising 3D gimmick. The plot, acting, characters, murders, the ending, and the whole story was just pretty much a great example of a bad horror film. I’m not going to go into detail or give any spoilers, you don’t even have to take my word for it! I think waiting for it to come out on DVD is probably the best thing to do if you really wanna see it. If you have seen it let me know what you think.

Great Poster, Bad Movie.

Great Poster, Bad Movie.

Coming Soon: The Last House On The Left (2009)

January 14, 2009

Wes Craven has made a remake his 1972 horror film ‘The Last House On The Left‘. And by the looks of the trailer, it’s gonna be good. While I haven’t seen the original yet I think I’m gonna wait till I see this this one first, just so I don’t know too much of what might happen. This is a really great trailer and for those of you that want to know, the well used song in near the end of the trailer is a cover of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine‘ done by Taken By Trees.