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Girls Aloud win Best British Single for ‘The Promise’ at the BRITs

February 19, 2009

Last night turned out to be a great night for Girls Aloud seeing as they won their first BRIT Award! The Girls won Best British Single for their number one hit ‘The Promise’, beating the likes of Coldplay, Duffy, and Leona Lewis. They did a stunning performance of the winning song at this years show which I’ll post below and also below you’ll be able to see the Girls’ red carpet action pre- and post- show. Girls Aloud were also nominated for Best British Group this year along with Coldplay, Radiohead, Take That, and the winner Elbow. Congratulations!





Song of the Day: ‘Waking Up In Vegas’

February 19, 2009

Artist: Katy Perry

Today’s song of the day is an album track (should be single) from her debut album ‘One of the Boys’. Ooh last night Katy Perry won Best International Female at the BRIT Awards! Congratulations! <<(side note) I love this song, especially the chorus:

Don’t be a baby 
Remember what you told me 
Shut up and put your money where your mouth is 
That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas 
Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes, now 
That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas 

It’s really a great track. Let me know what you think and if you’d like to listen to the album version of this song: Click here! And this, of course, is available to download on US iTunes here!

Album Review: ‘Out of Control’

November 19, 2008

Nadine, Nicola, Sarah, Kimberley, and Cheryl

Nadine, Nicola, Sarah, Kimberley, and Cheryl

Girls Aloud have become one of the most successful girl groups in UK history. They have had a record breaking 20 consecutive Top Ten hits. Xenomania produced and critically acclaimed, Girls Aloud’s music is pop perfection. Now out with their fifth studio album and sixth overall, Out of Control has been the group’s best charting studio album reaching #1. Like the girl’s last album, Tangled Up, their material has matured to create a brilliant mix of mid-tempo ballads, decade influenced beats, electro flare, and more. But lets get down to it with a track by track:

The Promise” – The first single off the record, a #1 UK hit song, a and BRIT Award winner. One of the best tracks on the album. a 60s inspired tune that has great vocals. Very catchy chorus! Best Lyric: I’ve had about as much as I can take of fallin’. (The way Nadine sings it is beautiful).

The Loving Kind” – Their second single, this is a Pet Shop Boys and Xenomania produced number. It’s a mid-tempo soft song that is still danceable. For me it was a grower, but after a few listens I’ve really become a fan of it. Best Lyric: I’d do anything, sing songs that lovers sing.

Rolling Back Rivers In Time” – A really well sung track that is probably the least danceable on the CD, but it is more of a beautiful relaxing sound to just sit and listen to. Nadine really opens this song up well. Cute lyrics beats, smooth lyrics and great vocals really make this track. Best Lyric: (It’s really just a big beautiful blend).

Love Is The Key” – This track has been best described as a “sixties-style pop strut”. It’s a really fun song that I can’t help but bounce around to. Great lyrics and styling make this one of the standout tracks from the album. And the chorus is excellent. The girls definitely tried something new with this tune, and it worked! Best Lyric: Not the kinda to catch my eye, Now we’re picking out the tiles and curtains, Never thought you’d be the lucky guy, Now it’s the only thing I know for certain…

Turn To Stone” – An 80s electro-synth pop that is killed by a terrible repetitious sleeper of a chorus. A major contendor for worst song the album. Best Lyric: Well the opener by Nicola is quite pleasant.

Untouchable” – Their third and final single. The album’s big danceable ballad that builds up wonderfully. Amazing lyrics that are beautifully sung. Nicola really opens the song well. One of the greatest songs on the album and is a prime example of how Xenomania and the Girls produce some of pops greatest works. When Nadine sings the climax in the song, wow. Best Lyric(s): (From the songs tremendous climax) Without any meaning, We’re just skin and bone, Like beautiful robots dancing alone (and) And I know a heart shouldn’t beat so hard

Fix Me Up” – A sultry, sassy, fun song you can’t help but sing to while you (all sexy-like) dance and strut around the joint kind of track. This is the album’s little sexed up tune that is soo well done. Best Lyric: Oh its too hard to pick!! The opener really hooks you in.

Love Is Pain” – Another electro-synth pop track that is mostly killed by its mundane chorus. There just wasn’t any energy in the track. While it is an improvement (compared to “Turn To Stone”) What saved it, slightly, was the intriguing opener and its repetition throughout the song. Best Lyric: What you are, What you see, It don’t matter to me, It don’t matter to me, What you know, What you need, It don’t matter to me, Just be faithful to me

Miss You Bow Wow” – This track is hands down the most irresistible to dance to. It’s so hard to describe my love for this song while still being coherent. says it best: “could well be the most exhilarating song of the year, being almost ridiculously danceable, having a gloriously soaring chorus and some surreal lyrics”. Check it out! Best Lyric: I remember living the dream, Twenty minutes in the hotel bar, Then I slip into your girlfriend’s jeans, And I remember said “Baby, hold tight”, Twenty hours in the twilight zone, The only lovers in the world that night

Revolution In The Head” – This track has an amazing beat that is undeniably deserving a good dance about. Great opening! Fun and very catchy lyrics! Nadine’s little pseudo-rapping, god I love it. Best Lyric: I really wanna, But then again I feel I’m feeling cold, You’re telling me mañana, Let’s call it a night

Live In The Country – A drum and bass track about moving to the country and all of the wonderful benefits it has. This track has an unusual subject matter for a pop song, but never the less the Girls turn this into one of the albums highlights. An extremely catchy chorus and amazing lyrics make their desire to live in the country fun. Best Lyric: Ooooh, ooooh yeah, There’s got to be a better way, Ooooh, and I don’t care, I know that when I live in the country…

We Wanna Party – A rocked out cover track that really doesn’t live up to Girls Aloud standards. Not a strong ender for the album, but all-in-all it’s not the worst track ever… just no where near the best. Best Lyric: Not really any… at all.

‘Out of Control’ is not their best, but is an amazing inventive pop album. Loaded with brilliant lyrics, openers, choruses, and vocals. Though there are some below GA standard tracks (i.e. Turn To Stone, We Wanna Party, and Love Is Pain) it’s the one of the better pop albums this year.

MUST LISTEN: The Promise, The Loving Kind, Rolling Back Rivers In Time, Love Is The Key, Untouchable, Miss You Bow Wow, Revolution In The Head, and Live In The Country!