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Happy Birthday Kameron Aloud!

November 16, 2009

Today is the official 1st birthday of my blog! Yeah! Ohh what a year it has been…

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This blog has been so much fun to do and I really do love being able to express my opinion about the world, it’s pop culture, and everything else. If your one of the possible 5 people that regularly check my blog I thank you, but if your not… thanks for stopping by too!

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  1. The winner is… the UK! I definitely love my Brits  – 35
  2. Followed by my favorite type of music: Pop – 21
  3. It should be no surprise… Girls Aloud – 13

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  1. Meet My New Obsession of 2009: Pixie Lott – 7,219
  2. The albums ahead | My top picks. – 2,378
  3. Fox’s upcoming show ‘Glee’ looks like a winner. – 1,282

Thats all I have for today’s celebration. I feel I’ve really started to become a better blogger, but this is only the beginning. Apologies for any sap-fest ’09 going on, I’m just really happy.