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The things we do for success.

February 26, 2010

New Sugababes star Jade Ewen tweeted this lovely bit about flashing her bits earlier today:

(click the pic to maximize it for your pleasure)

I’d settle for a nice “thank you” or “cheers”, this seems a little much. I love me some Jade, just not some Jade, you know?


Adam Lambert is gay, duh …and cool.

June 9, 2009

Well those of you that may not of heard, Adam Lambert finally mentions his sexuality post-Idol in an interview with the legendary Rolling Stone magazine. This may be a shocker for the those who lived under a rock out in the middle of nowhere, …for a long time, but Adam’s gay. Judging from the released preview it looks to be a great interview which is supposed to hit stands sometime this week. Best bit from the Rolling Stone interview:

“They put me with the cute guy. Distracting! He’s the one guy I found attractive in the whole group on the show: nice, nonchalant, pretty and totally my type — except that he has a wife. I mean he’s open-minded and liberal, but he’s definitely 100% straight.”

Aw he had a crush on Kris Allen at the beginning of the show. Didn’t we all crush on Kris, even a little? Don’t we still? I know I do. My heart’s a flutter thinking about him…

Well I’m really excited to see what these two come out with now post-Idol, esp. Kris! [insert gay loving sigh here]

Two blog posts ask and answer: “What Would Adam Do?”; the post-Idol response.

May 21, 2009

Kradam – Adam Fans Need a Shot of Manners 

by J_Jammer @

Lambert says Allen won “Idol” because he’s “a great artist” 

by Nichola Groom @

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What great quotes…

November 22, 2008

“All major changes are like death. You can’t see to the other side until you are there.”

“Do you have any idea how unlikely it is that you, or any of us, will get off this island alive?”

Both by the character Dr. Ian Malcolm from Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park