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“Beverly Leslie is a homosexual”

March 30, 2010

And, not surprisingly, so is Ricky Martin… officially. I’m take this news as a chance to say “Yeah!” and bring this amazing song back into the light of day:

Confession: Ricky’s album sleeve led to many of my fantasies back in the day. Oh Ricky.

Confession #1: Product Endorsement

February 8, 2010

I use Sunsilk‘s Straight To Perfection line because Nadine from Girls Aloud does, …sorry Nicola I don’t need Captivating Curls. I am easily swayed by ways of Girls Aloud. I think it works! My hair is almost a fraction as beautiful as the Girls’.

Their Kit Kat campaign is a different story, …those were some fat days. If only their follow up campaign were a treadmill company.

Here’s the advert that did me in:


I must go to the store.