Douchebags and Slags | Ashley Cole

February 23, 2010

I nominate Ashley Cole for Rants of a Diva‘s feature: ‘People Who Can Suck It

Why is this man such a wanker? Is he trying to be the UK’s Tiger Woods? Sex, lies, and heartbreak, Ashley Cole has been there before. This time around he’s down for lewd texting and dirty pic sending with, what now?, 5 WOMEN! How could he be cheat on his wife like that? ON CHERYL COLE nevertheless! Your seriously hurting the poor girl. Thankfully she’s most likely gonna leave your ass. These past few weeks have proven that Cheryl has chosen to focus on her career and not settle down with him to have a family like she wanted. It is sad, that is all she wanted. At least she is pretty much at an all time high career wise so she still has that to go on. At the moment she seems like she wants to just escape it all, i.e. leaving for America, but who can blame her. I wish her the best and I wish that he’d land on Dame James’ ‘People Who Can Suck It‘ list.


One Response to “Douchebags and Slags | Ashley Cole”

  1. Crystal Says:

    I applaud you, young padawan. Your skills have been noted.

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