Makeover!: Kris Allen’s post-Idol debut goes from drab to fab in four easy steps.

December 13, 2009

Don’t you hate that Kris Allen’s new album bores you to DEATH? Sure it has it’s upbeat moments, but is your listening time really benefiting YOU? Well lucky for you I have just the makeover to correct the problem! It’s an easy four-track replacement plan! We here at Kameron Aloud, Inc. have narrowed down the tracks that really hinder this albums quality and have also found four Kris Allen tracks that could very well be the extra umph! needed to take this album from dab to fab! Hear me out…

  1. All you need to do is go on iTunes and make a playlist entitled Kris Allen: Aloud (or anything you want I guess) then…
  2. Copy tracks: “Live Like We’re Dying”, “Before We Come Undone”, “Can’t Stay Away”, “The Truth”, “Written All Over My Face”, “Bring It Back”, and “Alright With Me” from the old album and move them to your newly created playlist.
  3. Now that we’ve weeded out the bad tracks (“Red Guitar”, “Is It Over”, “Let It Rain”, “Lifetime”, “I Need To Know”, “Heartless”, and “From The Ashes”) it’s time to inject some quality! From where you ask? Kris Allen’s original debut album: Brand New Shoes! Now it’s up to you to find your self a copy from the internet, but just know the songs that we will be using are: “I Was Played”, “Running”, “Wastin’ Time”, and “Wipe It Away”. Once you’ve got them just ahead and add them to the mix.
  4. For the final step I would like you to go to you Kris Allen: Aloud playlist make sure you have a tracklist like mine below:

“Before We Come Undone”

“Written All Over My Face”


I Was Played

“Alright With Me”

Wastin’ Time

“Bring It Back”

“The Truth”

“Can’t Stay Away”

“Live Like We’re Dying”

Wipe It Away

And there you go! From dab to fab in four easy steps! And using only original Kris Allen material to supplement. This album is now the masterpiece we know Kris can offer. Now the above tracklist is just a suggested order that I think fits best, but if you find a different order that works for you than so be it. In order to keep up with the fab my final suggestion, that I’m making directly to Kris Allen and his record label, RELEASE “Alright With Me” as a single! Let’s forget about that other first single and pitch this one with full force yeah?

Well my work here is done. I hope you’ve enjoyed our little makeover session and until next time!

DISCLAIMER: I believe Kris Allen is, in fact, a fantastic artist and I am absolutely in love with him. In other notes… any rashes, headaches, or sudden loss of the ability to look at cheese the same are merely small side effects that may or may not require medical attention, especially the last one.


One Response to “Makeover!: Kris Allen’s post-Idol debut goes from drab to fab in four easy steps.”

  1. […] It Back”, and “Before We Come Undone”. If Kris just followed my blueprint post (Makeover!: Kris Allen’s post-Idol debut goes from drab to fab in four easy steps.) that I did this album surely would have placed much higher. Still it remains a good album that […]

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