Quick Notes on The X Factor | Live Show 7

November 22, 2009

With six singers left in the competition the bar keeps on rising. This week the contestants sung a collection of songs by George Michael and Wham!. I think it was a pretty good theme choice; I was kinda more excited for Queen week, but you win some and you lose some folks just thank god it wasn’t country week … wait. It wouldn’t make sense to a country week in the UK would it? I apologize, I’m still stuck on an American Idol format. Last night I was wowed by most of the singers, with the exception of Jedward of course. Lets go ahead and get down to business, yeah?

  • Starting the show off was mister Lloyd Daniels, I’m really excited to see that he is improving week after week now. This definitely one of his more comfortable performances and also one of his most well executed vocally. I loved his new haircut and I’m, yet again, falling more and more in love with this guy. I’m anxious to see who goes home tonight, please not my boy Lloydsters.
  • Next was the lovely Stacey Solomon with yet another great performance. I’d have to say that I’m more in love with her personality though and I’m not really hoping she makes it to the top 3.
  • Jedward‘s performance this week, and pretty much every week, was horrible. I’m really annoyed they have made it this far. If anyone deserves to go home it is them. The vocals are always off if you can even hear them as they are being drowned out by the rest of the sideshow going on. British people, please send them home.
  • Danyl did yet another ballad all big and facially over exaggerated… surprise! I’m am yet again bored by him and I think he’d make a boring X Factor winner. Though on a somewhat good note for him, I think Cheryl was a bit off when she said he was flat. Girl don’t pull a Paula and go crazy on us! Your better than that.
  • My absolute favorite and top choice to be crowned this years champ is Olly Murs. This week he was given a great song (‘Fastlove’) that really helped him show a bit more of a contemporary side while being completely sexy. Week after week he delivers the best and i’m always looking forward to seeing him. Louis was actually spot on for a change! Olly can be a great popstar. Ok let’s just get this out of the way now…. I LOVE YOU OLLY! WOO! Well now that’s better… let’s continue, shall we?
  • Finishing up the night is the very very attractive, cute, and talented Joseph McElderry. I’m still not a huge fan of his voice, just a matter of preference I guess, but I think he has been doing well.  I would like to see him make the top 3 and also do more upbeat tracks because he’s starting to get  little boring to me.

Well I’m waiting for the results! Sadly I’ll get them behind everyone else, but oh well. JEDWARD MUST LEAVE. LET US NOT FORGET LUCIE! I miss her.

To check out the performances of this week and previous weeks click here to visit the shows YouTube channel.


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