REALLY?! Lucie Jones went home over Jedward?

November 8, 2009

This is perhaps one the most appalling result show I have ever seen. Why on Earth was 1) She in the Bottom 2? 2) Why in the hell would Simon not choose Lucie? 3) Did the voting public choose to send Lucie home? insane.

I’m in utter shock and I can’t believe this has happened. Lucie Jones is an amazing performer and deserved to be in the top 2! for god’s sake. This is not making any kind of sense. Need I remind the voters of some Lucie’s amazing performances?

First off… the GENIUS audition!

The Judge’s house!

Rock Week’s amazing performance….

And perhaps my favorite of all, this one is BEAUTIFULLY DONE.

Tonight’s results are a joke. This is an utter travesty.


One Response to “REALLY?! Lucie Jones went home over Jedward?”

  1. Dame James Says:

    WHAT? How incredibly stupid! Lucie was the only legitimately good singer in the competition. Now I’m completely on board for a Jedward win.

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