Cheryl’s Got The Boys!

September 30, 2009

Lloyd Daniels

Now The X Factor has made to the judges houses and the final 24 have been picked! Luckily all of my favorites made it into the final 6 in the boys 16-24 category! I’m extremely excited that my favorite judge (Cheryl) and my favorite category are paired together. Check out the action below:

Lloyd Daniels is my for sure favorite in the competition at the moment. I’m happy to see Ethan, Joseph, Lucie, all in the group . Though I was very sad to hear that my only favorite group TruColourz was booted out of the competetion because one of the members was 15. Some group was brought back, which? I have no clue! I can’t believe John & Edward (the twins) made this far, in my opinion I think that kinda bad and Louis is going to push them through! Ugh I dislike Louis. Go on and take a look at the rest of the top 24:

I think the over 25s are strong this year as well as the boys. I can’t wait till next weekend when we’ll get to see the Judges choose the top 12! All I can remember so far is that Cheryl’s house will be in Morocco and she will be assisted by the first ever winner of Pop Idol Will Young.


2 Responses to “Cheryl’s Got The Boys!”

  1. sherby57 Says:

    It seemed pretty obvious who was going to get what category this year. In previous years there was at least a bit of tension about it.

    All the categories seem pretty strong this year (apart from the groups obviously!), so it should be a good competition. Although, you tend to get quite a few acts who can’t seem to deliver when it comes to the live shows.

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