My top picks for ‘The X Factor’ Boys 16-24.

September 26, 2009

Auditions are finally! over and boot camp is about to begin for those contestants that made it through the first round. It’s maybe a little early for me to call it, but I already have my top 3 choices to advance on to the live shows.

Joseph McElderry

A nice kid with a great voice! I personally didn’t care for the song he sung for the audition, but he did a great job and I think he’ll make it to the live rounds.

Ethan Boroian

I was really excited to see an American on The X Factor and he did really well singing ‘Use Somebody’. I agree with Simon’s comments on his audition. I think this guy is extremely cute (can’t lie) and has what it takes.

Lloyd Daniels

A little rough on the first bit, but AMAZING on the second try. Lloyd is so far my top pick for this category and I feel that he definitely has “the x factor” this show is looking for. I’m also a little bit in love with him.

I also really hope Cheryl gets this category this series (please not Louis)! Speaking of Cheryl have you seen her new music video for “Fight For This Love“? It’s pretty freaking good! She is looking gorgeous!!! And her moves are pretty much awesome.

A little extra bit:

Lucie Jones

I haven’t really made my picks for the other 3 categories but Lucie Jones is easily a top pick for me in Girls 16-24. She seems like a sweet girl and has a beautiful voice check it out below.


One Response to “My top picks for ‘The X Factor’ Boys 16-24.”

  1. sherby57 Says:

    Thank god it’s time for boot camp! I think your picks are pretty spot-on from what I’ve seen. You can imagine all 3 of them being pop stars.

    My thoughts on last night’s show are here:

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