Sugababes | The Ups and Downs of change.

September 23, 2009


Trouble in girl band land is at a new high as we see the departure of Keisha Buchanan the last original member of the Sugababes. I’m not entirely sure why all of this is happening, but I’m sad none-the-less. Keisha was a great singer and will always be attached to some of the best pop songs of my generation.

And with most change there is good news and bad news!

As usual let’s start with a breakdown of the bad:

  • Style wise it looks like the new line up is trashing it up with outfits that look like they rummaged through the Pussycat Dolls’ wardrobe.
  • With all of the original members gone I’m a tad bit worried the new “Sugababes” may not keep the brand alive.
  • Keisha left.
  • Jade (the new member) is not in fact Keisha Buchanan. Not saying I’m not willing to give her a chance to prove herself a great member of the band! I was a bit leery during the 05 Mutya change, but I love Amelle like crazy mad so I’m open to the chance of accepting this Jade person.
  • The new music video for their second single will possibly be pretty bad due to the tacky outfits as seen in this (Good) article about the making the new video and all of the “what is going on”.
  • If the new album Sweet 7 gets delayed… I’ll cry.

Okay now the good news:

  • ‘Girls’ will never be a single again (slightly not relevant, but it is good news).
  • Amelle didn’t leave the band like I had feared.
  • The album will still be released and the Sugababes will continue to exist.
  • This album is almost definitely getting an American release! A little odd that the first time the Sugababes make it over here and it’s a new line up.
  • They just might come to perform in Michigan!
  • Keisha will still be signed to the same record label because now she’s a solo artist.

Now I shall leave you with Keisha’s last released Sugababes hit… ‘Get Sexy’.

okay so I can’t embed it here, damn! LINKAGE


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