Cheryl Cole’s New Single: ‘Fight For This Love’

September 7, 2009

Cheryl Cole

Today was the day BBC Radio One debuted Cheryl’s first ever solo single ‘Fight For This Love’! Just when I was beginning to die of anticipation. Here is a youtube video of a radio rip:

My first thought’s…


“that’s Cheryl’s voice?”

“This is good.”

This is going to be on repeat for the week. Now I’m ready for the music video! In other solo career news Cheryl’s debut album will be called Three Words and here is the tracklist:

1. 3 Words
2. Heaven
3. Parachute
4. Fight For This Love
5. Don’t Talk About This Love
6. Trying To Make Me Cry (Hurt Me)
7. Girl Like You
8. Happy Hour
9. Rain On Me
10. Heart Breaker
11. Stand Up

The single ‘Fight For This Love’ is going to be released on October 19th followed by the album’s release on October 26th, according to Amazon and

This track is sure to be a hit in the UK. I like it, not quite in love with it though.


3 Responses to “Cheryl Cole’s New Single: ‘Fight For This Love’”

  1. Dame James Says:

    Hmmmm, this isn’t bad. I think it will need a few more listens before I can decide definitively whether or not I like it. However, I’m glad to hear that Cheryl is doing her own thing and not just copying the Girls Aloud formula.

  2. Tom Says:

    I quite like it too,I was exciting to hear what Cheryl can do by herself and I have to say it’s not so bad, a bit conventional though…I mean it’s a song that is easily listenable and then forgetable , so I hope she’ll release another kind of tunes, because commercial music is often good, but that’s not the best way to show Cheryl’s vocal skills. I really feel that they don’t use the whole of her potential. We already know that this single will be a hit in UK, so I wish they took a bit much risks.

  3. blubbalips Says:

    You were impressed with her voice? Sure it sounds nice but it’s not exactly impressive!! I’m sure it will be a hit though!! Check out my review at!!

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