Coming Soon | September 2009

September 1, 2009


September 4th



Chris Pine and Piper Perabo star in this survival horror film about running from a deadly virus. Follow the rules and you stay alive, sadly the trailer ruins it a bit for us by showing Piper’s character infected, but I’m still very excited to see this creepy new film. This is my MUST SEE for September!


September 9th



A Tim Burton animated film set after the human race was destroyed and the killer robots are after some Rag Dolls that survived the human apocalypse? Did I get it right? I really don’t know whats happening, yet I wanna see it.


September 11th


Sorority Row

Looks like a decent slasher horror that could be either really good or really bad. When the prank goes wrong and a sister of the sorority winds up dead they think they can just sweep it under the rug? (And by rug I mean well).


September 18th


Jennifer’s Body

The third horror film this month! Yeah! I am extremely excited to this film written by the one and only Diablo Cody, writer of Juno and the amazing Showtime series United States of Tara. This a horror comedy about a possessed cheerleader and her best friend that has to put an end to her boy murdering ways. This is my MUST SEE for September! (okay so I have two).


September 25th



The fact that they did a remake of the original 1980s film isn’t surprising. With the success with the whole High School Musical lot and all why not bring back the musical about a New York Academy of Performing Arts? All in all it looks pretty good and I can’t wait to see V Factory member Asher Brooke all over this film, Kay Panabaker? Not so much.


One Response to “Coming Soon | September 2009”

  1. Tom Says:

    I finally saw Sorority Row and Jennifer’s body and I have to say that I’m really disappointed. The trailers made me want to see these films but they’re actually crap. Anyway, I won’t judge on trailers anymore to know if films could be good or not…

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