The Saturdays | New single, new album, already?

August 25, 2009

Okay whoa! Again? I’ve totally missed putting this possibly amazing upcoming album on my post about possibly amazing upcoming albums? I give up. But how and why are The Saturdays releasing brand new material already? Their last single ‘Work’ was like only a couple of months ago, beginning of summer kind of deal. I’m not upset, I’m just really excited to hear more from one of the greatest new girl groups to form since Girls Aloud.

The Saturdays’ sixth overall single and lead track from their second album is called ‘Forever Is Over’. It’s definitely something that has to grow on me, but I like the new sound and obsession will soon follow. I didn’t mind the old sound at all, but like Girls Aloud they seem to be maturing from album to album. All good things.

The music video isn’t available to view in my country because of damn restrictions, fml. I can still post the song, but it’s just a picture with the song (quality audio though!)…

The Saturdays new single ‘Forever Is Over’ will be released on October 5th followed by their second (TBA) album on October 12th.


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