I’m watching ‘The X Factor’ this series and Cheryl Cole is [mostly] why.

August 24, 2009

It’s been a rough this year with no Girls Aloud album to look forward to in the fall. I was wonder “how will I go on?”, but just in the nick of time the 6th series of the UK show The X Factor premieres. This past saturday by the graces of all that is holy Mrs. Cheryl Cole made her return to the hit show as one of the best singing competition judges ever (yeah that’s right I said EVER, Paula Abdul eat your heart out!). Speaking of which I feel Mrs. Cole is a perfect candidate to replace the late great American Idol judge.

Cheryl Cole 2

Ok ok no more anti-Paula, seriously though! I’m excited for this season to really kick off. I’m not one for watching the audition processes for the show, I’d rather fast forward to the good stuff (i.e. the Boot Camp bit and the what not after). Happily I will be able delay my Girls Aloud withdrawals a little longer while I hang on to ever word Cheryl says during the competition and in hopes of some sort of performance or what not of her upcoming debut solo single.

In other X Factor news, the talent that we did get to see was rather good. I really loved Stacey Soloman’s personality and her performance (watch here) took me by surprise as well, loved it. Joseph McElderry is such a cutie and did a great job as well with his performance (watch here). Last, but definitely not least was Danyl Johnson who just did a stunning performance (watch here) that was soo freaking genius for an audition that you just know he is going all the way to the final group.

If you want to catch the whole episode check out www.watch-x-factor.com. It’s not a quality picture but the audio is good. I really wish they aired this in America.


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