‘Post Grad’, not as funny as you may think.

August 23, 2009

I have been really excited for the release of Alexis Bledel’s newest film Post Grad, but unfortunately the same film I posted early as “my must see of August” (this post) sadly was the worst I’ve seen this month. I was expecting a fun comedy about a point in life that is almost relatable, to me. Something easy and funny for the summer, like an Amanda Bynes sort of affair, but what I got was a bunch of ill-focused cheesefest humor and a not well developed love story underneath it all. Alexis Bledel and the lead man Zach Gilford (actually I loved them both in their roles), held their own well enough. It was just the plot that killed it for me. So she can’t find a job and needs to live back at home for a while, ok! Let’s not pull the film’s focus to the zany antics of the hokey humored family provides (her Dad in particular). The film wastes it’s time covering that then really developing who Alexis’ character really is. It of course did have some funny parts as well as some touching moments (i.e. the ice cream truck bit), but other than that I’d say this is a wait to DVD kind of deal, and that’s only if you just have to see it.


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