Coming Soon | August 2009

August 12, 2009

This is the beginning of a new feature that I’m going to do on a monthly basis (a schedule I can keep, unlike the disater that was Song of the Day). It will be called “Coming Soon”, not original, but I feel it gets the message across! It will showcase films that will be released that month, the ones that I would like to see/ would recommend. I will tell you a little about why I’m so excited to see or why interested in it. I’m going to post the trailer for each of the film and let that do the job of telling you what it is about, because that’s their purpose! Inform, intrigue, and entertain! So I hope you enjoy this and leave me some feedback, tell me what your planning on seeing, what you feel I missed, DID YOU SEE IT? LET ME KNOW. Now I will cut the red tape and reveal the first month I’ll be covering… August!

Yours Truly,

Kameron Aloud


August 7th


Julie & Julia

Meryl Streep and Amy Adams? Of course I want to see this. Aside from the lure of guaranteed outstanding performances I have to see this film for the amazing directorial skills Nora Ephron pulls out by intertwining the lives of these two women based on books written by the real life Julie & Julia!

(500) Days of Summer

Another film in which I love both of the actors. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel seem to light up even the trailer for this film, a quirky indie romantic comedy with one of the greatest taglines “Boy meets Girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn’t.” I’ve heard all good things thus far.


August 14th


District 9

I’m seriously curious to what this film is all about. After seeing months of advertising, teaser trailers, and posters at my cinema telling me this bathroom is for humans only not aliens I feel that they’ve succeeded in making me want to see it. I wanna to know: Why won’t they just let the aliens leave?

Paper Heart

I’ve heard about this film through Entertainment Weekly when they were talking about a new little wave of offbeat romantic comedies soon to hit theater. So I checked out the trailer, which you have to see, were they asked a girl about the perfect date (about 35 seconds in). Immediately after her answer I had decided, “oh yes. I’m seeing this“.

Grace (limited)

Twisted, creepy, slightly terrifying, yup it’s a must see. A blood thirsty baby not on formula? What a weird concept for a film that I’ll probably won’t get to see anytime soon because “limited” pretty much always means = will not be shown anywhere near here. Not to worry, this horror hits DVD early with a September 15th release.


August 21st


Post Grad

This is exactly the kind of film I want to see! One were I can actually relate to the character because I’m coming up to that point in my life. It’s the end of term papers and test, lectures and labs, stuff we’ve dealt with most of our young lives and it leaves at the film’s tagline: “Now What?”.  It looks sweet and hilarious with a good cast to match. Post Grad is my MUST SEE for August.

Inglorious Bastards

I’m watching the trailer on TV as I type. Yup I need to see this! It looks great. It looks like everybody’s in it and Tarantino is the director? Wow my interest is only getting higher. I’ve got alot of films to see this August.


August 28th


The Final Destination

I’m a fan of the series and I’m excited they did another one, especially one with a male lead again because I’m a wee bit tired of female lead horror films. Am I excited that it’s going to be 3D? No, I don’t feel like paying 14.50 for any film and have to wear glasses over my own. The setup is doesn’t seem as fun as the roller coaster or an airplane disaster, like in the previous films, but never-the-less I love the genre.


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