Meet my new obsession of 2009: Pixie Lott

August 2, 2009

Pixie LottThis summer I’ve discovered some wonderfully amazing new music and sometimes I come across artists that are soo good I just have to share. 18 year-old UK native Pixie Lott is one such artist and I already feel she is my new obsession of 2009. Earlier this summer Pixie released her debut single “Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh)” which reached the number one spot on the UK charts, impressive. Naturally I was super impatient and needed to hear more (after falling completely head over heels for this girl), but I couldn’t wait till September 14th when her debut album Turn It Up, so I searched the web and found leaks and promos of her other songs. That only made things worse. The other material she had as b-sides and album tracks were outstanding! Tracks like the amazing “Here We Go Again” and “What U Do” are stuck on repeat. I’m über-excited for her upcoming album release! Luckily I hear Pixie will take her act Stateside, which hopefully would bring her here for a concert in Michigan (I can dream can’t I?). No waiting till that happens though, I’m springing for the UK release. In recent news Pixie has just released a video for her second single “Boys and Girls” which is an amazing choice for a single! The video it’s self is hands down one of my favorites this year. Check it out:

Alrighty, I hope you enjoyed her as much as I have, I think she is brilliant and I can’t get enough of her killer vocals and brilliant tunes!!! Need more? Then check out some of the covers she did: “Use Somebody“, “Apologize“, and “Poker Face“.


6 Responses to “Meet my new obsession of 2009: Pixie Lott”

  1. iJonathan Says:

    I love her cover of “Poker Face”, It’s really swell!

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  3. Tom Says:

    Thank you so much for your comment! That’s really nice.
    Pixie Lott is my new obsession too. I can’t wait for her album, that’s too hard. It will be released on September 7th in France, I’ll buy it, that’s for sure! This girl is so great…

    Oh, I almost forget to say that you really do a great job here. I’ll visit your blog ’cause it’s really cool ^^ Thanks.

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  5. lautaro Says:

    i totally love her… cry me out is so good, that makes me the chills…

  6. sangram gurung Says:

    hai pixie i really love your song (cry me out) give more beautiful songs

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