New Single Alert!: ‘Get Sexy’, the Sugababes are back.

July 8, 2009

Yesterday the UK’s Radio One debuted the Sugababes‘ new single ‘Get Sexy’, but sadly I don’t live in the UK so I had to wait for the inevitable leak. Let me tell you! THEY ARE BACK IN BUSINESS! Granted they didn’t have a Mariah level of a fall from the spotlight, but their last album didn’t do too hot. Post-‘Girls’ I was very worried because that was quite possibly their worst single to date, though after hearing ‘Get Sexy’ I must say my fears are gone. Now it’s a great dance track that plays with the whole “I’m too sexy…” song thing from back in the day, I can’t say that the whole thing is terribly original with all of the artist we have now using old song bits it their current hits, but eh. The choruses are great, the beat is easily danceable, and has a very urban feel. Hopefully they are going to make this their first American single because it has an undeniably American feel to it. I think the chances of that happening are high because they have been recording in America under Jay-Z’s record label (Roc Nation), which doesn’t hurt. The single is set to be released as a digital download on 16 August 2009 and physically released on 31 August 2009 in the UK. Popjustice has a snippet of  the single up as their ‘Song of the Day’ that you can head over and check out by clicking here. And here is a youtube post of the entire song (let’s hope it will stay up): Enjoy!

UPDATED: (Official Music Video)


One Response to “New Single Alert!: ‘Get Sexy’, the Sugababes are back.”

  1. Tom Says:

    I have just listenned to her new single ” Get Sexy” and I have to say that I really like it. That’s why I decided to post something about her, if you wanna give a look ^^

    I agree with your whole review. The song is not original but really danceable and fun! I’m not sure it will be a success in UK but I hope so!

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