I like boys in bands.

July 1, 2009

Okay we all remember the days of the countless boy bands that had even more countless girls (and boys) considering marriage at an early age. That pack seemed to be lead by groups like N’ Sync and the Backstreet Boys, well about two successful solo careers (Jessie McCartney, Justin Timberlake) later it seems that that wave was over.  But today ladys and gentleman I will reveal to you some modern day boy bands, that have come and gone, are here to apparently stay, or are the next up and comers. All are great pop groups and I promise it’s only the best. Let’s begin shall we?

*please not this is not a comprehensive list, it’s just what I listen to/heard.

First a moment of silence for the DEFUNCT:

NLT (Not Like Them) 2003-2009

(From Left to Right) V, JJ, Kevin McHale, and Travis Garland.

(From Left to Right) V, JJ, Kevin McHale, and Travis Garland.

Sadly the best of the new modern boy bands are now recently defunct. NLT was an American boy band with member’s Travis Garland, Kevin McHale, JJ (love him), and what’s-his-face (V). Signed to a record deal in 2006, NLT got to work and by 2007 they came out with their first single ‘That Girl’ which sadly failed to chart… Except of my iTunes top 25 @ number 9. Due to lack of record support and a leaked album, the band never got to release a debut album but have left behind a few amazing tracks. Fear not (just in case you were)! Good news is Travis Garland has been working on a solo project (which sounds amazing, check the myspace), Kevin McHale landed a major role on the new Fox series Glee (here is the one in the wheelchair), and well that’s about it. Here is one their best songs. It’s their last single called ‘Karma’, aside from amazing beats these guys had great choreography. Ugh what a shame. 😦

Menudo (the MTV one) 2007-2008

They are all so cute.

They are all so cute.

In 2007 MTV came out with a series called Making Menudo in order to recreate a new Menudo. After a the show was over five member were chosen. They were: Carlos, Christopher, Monti, Emmanuel and Jose. I’ll be honest I didn’t even know the show existed or that Menudo was back (and I guess that was the same problem the rest of America had). Their short run did produce two great tracks (‘Move’ and ‘Lost/Perdido Sin Tí’) that I can’t get enough of, yet I still don’t feel it is a big loss in the world of boy bands. Here is the best, it’s called ‘Move’:

Now that’s hear it for the one that is it to win it, The Current Hit Maker:

E.M.D. (2007 – present)

They are a Swedish boy band made up of Erik Segerstedt, Mattias Andréasson and Danny Saucedo, all of whom are former contestants of the Swedish version of Idol. Their name is simply the first letter of each of their names. In Sweden they are a very successful chart topping group with their first album A State Of Mind debuting at number 1. Since, the band has released four consecutive number 1 hit singles. Now Sweden is a country that knows it’s pop music and the alumni of the Swedish Idol are no exception, many great artist like Agnes, Darin, and Amanda Jensson have gotten their start from Idol. In addition to the group Danny also has a pretty successful solo career that you need to check out. As for the band, take a listen to one of my favorite singles called ‘Jennie Let Me Love You’:

And finally let’s take a look at those Up and Comers:

Varsity Fanclub (2006-present)

Jayk, Thomas, Drew, and Bobby

David, Jayk (style challenged), Thomas (left the band / hot) , Drew, and Bobby (cutie).

They are an American boy band consisting of Drew, Jayk, Bobby, David, and TC (a replacement for the hottest guy in the band Thomas Fiss, who left for personal reasons :/ ). In July of 2008 they band released their debut single ‘Future Love’ which is seriously the single reason why I love these guys! It’s such an amazing midtempo sing with great vocals and it’s pretty freaking cute (the song not the boys). Their debut album was set to release last year but has been pushed back and they are rerecording some tracks to include TC in them. There is only one thing that I can’t take… Jayk. It’s his style. It’s so obnoxious and it makes me scream “why does he like that’s something to be worn in public?” view a sample of the horror here. Okay back to the music.. here is the track written by Ryan Tedder called ‘Future Love’: (rehearsal video cos embedding is disabled for the real, which you can see here.)

V Factory (2006-present)

Click for a big picture of cute.

In February 2009 American boy band V Factory debuted with their first single ‘Love Struck’, an brilliant dance pop track written by Sweden’s David Jassy and Darin (an amazing successful swedish singer). I found out about this track when it was featured as the Free Single Of The Week on iTunes and I gotta say it blew me away. Currently they are set to release their debut album sometime this year, and have an EP out for download with some amazing tracks like ‘Round & Round’ (highly recommended). Where are my manner’s? I haven’t even introduced the band members! We have Jared, Asher, Nathaniel, Nick, and Wesley. Now here is the official music video for their debut single ‘Love Stuck’:

Well that’s all the boys I have for you today, I hope you found some bands that you liked. You know the drill.. leave me a comment, let me know what you think.


One Response to “I like boys in bands.”

  1. Melissa Says:

    What the heck Kam. Boy bands, really? I will admit that the V Factory song would be fun to dance to though.

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