Goodbye L.A., hello my life, part 1.

June 8, 2009

I’ve been back from L.A. for almost a week now and sad, yet excited for a number of different reasons. I am sad that I had to go back without my best friend, the number of things to do will most certainly diminish, and that I have to go back to work. Though I am excited to back in Michigan because, truthfully, L.A. is not my kind of environment. I missed open spaces of green, the stressless traffic of our roads (well Detroit traffic may suck, idk), and it was surprisingly warmer here while I was away (not fair). But with all that said I did have a lot of fun celebrating my 21st birthday all weekend long. I went to visit a lot of places I’ve been before as well as a lot of new ones.

First off one of my favorite things about being in L.A. was the sheer number of dining options! I of course had to hit up an old favorite: Oki Doki Sushi @ 442 Pacific Coast Highway, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. It’s the perfect little sushi place not far from much, that has a great selection of rolls and combo’s at a pretty great price. My personal favorite is the fairly basic Tokyo Combo for $9.99, which comes with 5 pieces of assorted sushi and a half and half Cali roll/Spicy Tuna (miso soup included!). Delicious! I’m a huge sushi lover and I definitely had to go here multiple times.

my Tokyo Combo @ Oki Doki

my Tokyo Combo @ Oki Doki

The next place that blew me away was Wahoo’s Fish Taco. I went to the one located in the beautiful Manhattan Beach area, because my friend said that if was to have a fish taco anywhere that that was the place to go! (It was my first fish taco too). Omg there were so many choices that I had to opt for an ole’ one of everything deal and got the basic fish taco, the fish enchilada, and the banzai burrito. SO GOOD! It all had an amazing light feel to it all and with a little lime wedge squeezed on everyone I tried my best to make it through most of the food. Oh I found out that the fish was Mahi Mahi, another first for me! LOVED IT! Finally the last place that really blew me away was the newly opened: The Veggie Grill @ 720 Allied Wat, El Segundo, CA 90245. It’s completely vegetarian and all about original burgers and sandwiches. I had the wonderful “Papa’s Portobello”, ok ok let me lay this out for you… grilled portobello mushroom, chopped tomato, basil & garlic pomodoro (what that is, i still don’t know), caramelized onion, pesto, and chipotle ranch. Heaven between a wheat bun, yum.

Ok the food part is over but the rest is TO BE CONTINUED…


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