Amanda couldn’t be made a supermodel yet reached a new level of ignorance. It’s a lose-lose kinda deal.

May 8, 2009

This week on Make Me A Supermodel Amanda was finally eliminated from the competition and it could come at a better time. Unable, yet again, to separate looking beautiful rather than just sexual in her modeling, Amanda was kicked off after a no brainer decision of putting her in the bottom two for the umpteenth time. The last episode’s photo shoot assignment was all about being nude and selling the accessories. It was fun to watch as we got to see the all that beauty Jonathan is working with in the back and got to laugh as Sandhurst informs us of an unfortunate shaving incident, Branden nicked his balls (that poor man). The models that are left though are all well deserving so from here on out I feel that is going to be hard to say goodbye to any of them.

Witness the peak of Amanda’s ignorance. She made sure that when she wasn’t whining she’d  say something daft.


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