Is this on the meal plan?

April 27, 2009

Ok it’s been a rough transition these past couple of days, going from swiping a card to making it yourself. Man why do we need to eat? Ugh. Well in this constant fight for survival I decided to man up and make … DINNER IMPOSSIBLE! (insert title sequence here and theme music). So I Rachel Ray-ed this shit and pulled somethings out that I could cook up in here. 

Ingredients Let me show you what I’m working with… We’ve got Newman’s Own Marinara, Sargento Mozzarella, a little bit of Broccoli Wokly, Whole Wheat Spagetti Noodles (not pictured), and Morning Star‘s  Italian Herb Chik Patties. I’m like all of this and it’s all 100% vegetarian!  Sweetness. So I boil the noodles and nearly kill the stove. Then it was off to heating the sauce and patties which I did with my good friend the microwave! Fast forward since I’m not trying to give a recipe here… I picked out the world’s cutest plate and then plated the food like I’m all up on Top Chef. With all going well this is how my cooking attempt turned out:

Final Product

It tasted it great! Should I name it? I was a little shocked that it came out edible, tasty even, but who knows? Maybe I have what it takes to make in this world with out a meal plan… who knows…


2 Responses to “Is this on the meal plan?”

  1. Crystal Says:

    Omg, I made sweetcorn souffle, man.

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