Oh did I tell you?

April 10, 2009

Last weekend I went to see Adventureland and Sunshine Cleaning while I was @ home because (1) I really wanted to see both films and (2) the ticket prices @ my local cinema are 4.50 for the matinee show, so I was pretty much destined to go.

First I went to see Adventureland which was fairly genius. Now based off the trailer and the fact that it was directed by the same director of Superbad, I was thinking it would be more of a comedy about working at the amusement park with an underlying romantic plot between the the two leads that is overshadowed by the antics @ Adventureland. Turns out the opposite happened and it worked well. I loved the plot, the characters are really enjoyable, and the acting was great. Funny and dramatic, this post-grad summer romance is definitely worth checking out.

I’m also seriously crushing on Matt Bush (Frigo in the film).

Now Sunshine Cleaning was also an amazing film, this one starring Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. This film is great drama that will pull some tears out of you as well as a few laughs. The characters are really enjoyable, I really loved Emily Blunt’s. The script and the acting truly made us care about these people and their struggles. Go see this one, you’ll love it.

Next on my list of must-sees: 17 Again, oh yes. I’m all about the Efron.


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