Music video magic time.

April 6, 2009

In the past couple of weeks I’ve came across some wicked genius music videos. So I’m declaring music video magic time, thats right three quasi-fresh music videos right here right now for your eyegasmic pleasure. Take it in…

Well of course you need to be all about this shit. It’s Girls Aloud’s 21st single ‘Untouchable’ and this vid is one of their greatest yet. Future fun fanatastic…

Now it’s time for some funk me fantastic sexness with Ciara feat. J.T.’s ‘Love Sex Magic’. Single greatest moment is when Ciara is all on the floor crawling and all you see is lights line her bod. Oh Ciara.. you sex me good woman.

Rounding out the list is Kleerup feat. Titiyo with ‘Longing For Lullabies’. Sad, beautiful, sheer music freakin video greatness. I like lose my s**t with discoveries like this! It’s takes you to dinner and pays the bill good.

Sorry if this post seems a bit insane (yeah insanely loaded with amazing music videos!!) but I’m running on last bit of energy I gots after a such an outstanding feat of great procrastination on a ten page film term paper. Sleep didn’t even see me coming.


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