I’m ready for my comeback.

April 2, 2009

Wow it’s almost been a month since I’ve lasted posted anything. It was my biggest break since Winter Recess when my demon cat chewed my Macbook power cord to death (for the second time!) and I wasn’t able to use my computer. And once I’ve gone mac I haven’t wanted to go back (meaning I wasn’t going to use the family PC to blog). Though I’ve been fairly busy with the usual school/ work thing, some of it was just pure laziness.

Since I’ve last posted I have been doing some pretty fun things here and there. I went to the Lady GaGa concert in Royal Oak, MI, which was a wicked fun time. She really knows how to throw a great concert! From bubble suits and pianos to disco sticks and leotards, that event was off the hook! Downside: 3 opening acts! It felt like forever before we  got to see GaGa and two of the three were ungodly terrible and played for way to long (Cinema Bizarre and Chester French). The third and final opener, The White Tie Affair, was really amazing tho (almost on par with the GaGa, in my opinion) and they played a great amount of music for an opening act (bonus). One other complication I had was my height issue. Being 5’6.5″ and standing on the lowest possible floor in the joint I was on my tippy toes with my head cranked looking over a sea of shoulders to catch a glimpse of GaGa’s head. Never the less I danced the night away as she brilliantly sang “Boys Boys Boys”, “Poker Face”, “Eh, Eh”, etc.. The night ended well with a chance to meet Lady Gaga (no pictures allowed :/) and chat with the lead singer of The White Tie Affair. What luck!

Signed by GaGa herself.

Signed by GaGa herself.

In other news… I’ve added/discovered loads of new music in my time off. My iTunes library welcomed 128 more songs for my listening pleasure. A few free songs of the week here and there, some music from the show Gossip Girl, Kris Allen‘s songs from American Idol, Kelly Clarkson‘s new CD All I Ever Wanted, Rachel Stevens‘ complete works, and artists like Tesla Boy, and Agnes. Most of which I blog about later because it’s been a good month for music for me.

On an ending note… my short lived Song of the Day feature has been officially cancelled. I know I know boo-hoo (whatever I know your not sad :p). And like Facebook, the blog’s layout/theme has undergone some changes. Also like Facebook many of you may not like it, but I do and thats all that matters. May I just say… It’s good to be back.


One Response to “I’m ready for my comeback.”

  1. Cory Says:

    I like the new layout.
    I’m sad that Song of the Day is over. (Not so much the international Song of the Day but anyway) You should mention Frankmusik’s new single “Better Off As Two.” SOOOOOOO GOOD.

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