Song of the Day: ‘Denkmal’

March 2, 2009

Artist: Wir sind Helden  

Country:  Germany (Deutschland)

This week I’ve decided to mix it up a bit by doing a sort of ‘International Song of the Day’ thing where each song this week will be from an artist(s) for all around the world. Granted I do it a bit now with a lot form the UK, USA, and Sweden but this week I’ll broden the horizon.

Today’s song, ‘Denkmal’ (Monument) is a single from the German band Wir sind Helden (We are Heroes). And this is just one of the band’s many amazing songs! Even though I don’t understand German I still love it when they come up on shuffle (on my iPod). I fell in love with them back in 2006 when I was good friends with a pretty hip foreign exchange student and she passed on some copies of the band’s first two albums. If you can speak German or happen to find a good translation then you’ll get to understand the amazing lyrics, but if not thats ok the tunes are enough to satisfy anyone! Luckily this video just so happens to have subtitles for the song.


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