Kameron’s Choice: Kris Allen on ‘American Idol’ Season 8

February 27, 2009

I’m typically on and off with the episodes and seasons of ‘American Idol’. The only one I’ve ever watched all the way through was season one when the winner was Kelly Clarkson, who is by far the greatest Idol and quite possibly will always be the greatest. But this season I’m going to try to catch as much as I can even though I’d always miss the start with work and school, but eh. The reason being Kris Allen. This week was only my second time watching this season, but never the less I happened to see this talented beautiful fit man walk on screen and blow me away with his performance of ‘Man in the Mirror’. I really love hie voice and style and that song was an amazing choice. Here is the clip from the show with Kris performing…

Another contestant that I’m rooting for is Allison Iraheta, last night she performed ‘Alone’ by Heart. Here is the perfomance…

pretty good. I think she looks a little like Kelly Clarkson, or is it just me? Well thankfully both made it in to the top 12 this week and we should be seeing more of them soon. Oh yea I’m pretty much crushing on Kris.


One Response to “Kameron’s Choice: Kris Allen on ‘American Idol’ Season 8”

  1. Bristol Says:

    Kris Allen is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the next American idol.

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