‘Push (2009)’: Huh?

February 26, 2009

So the other day I went to go see the film ‘Push’ starring Chris Evans (The Fantastic Four) and Dakota Fanning (You know who she is!). My thoughts? Well I kinda had a hard time knowing exactly what was going on through out the course of the film. I’m not going to spoil it with details, just know it’s pretty confusing. They kinda of set rules with the powers the characters have, but then seem to break them later on. Sometimes the rules didn’t even make any sense (i.e. Watchers). I highly doubt it was just me drooling while trying to put all of the pieces together lol. Also it seemed like it had way too much story to tell in one movie, which only adds to the confusion as you watch it. And then somehow this all leads up to less then spectacular ending. One ridiculous thing that majorly bugged be was how Nick gained such great control of his powers even though for years he’s never practiced with them to any extent to which he uses them during the film, I’d be ok if he won the battles through the assistance of the others, it’d be way more believable. Ok now the good because there was a lot of good things this film had going for it. First there are the different psychic powers. The names like Watchers, Bleeders, Movers, Shadowers, and Pushers(..etc.) excited me to know what each entailed even though not all where in the film. The effects used to show the abilities are quite cool, esp. when a Watcher ‘sees’ things in the future.

The characters like Dakota Fanning’s Cassie and Chris Evans’ Nick were well done both through the dialogue and acting. I especially liked the villain Watcher that always had a lollipop. But by far my favorite aspect of ‘Push’ was the setting, the locations, and cinematography! The story is set in various places throughout spectacular Hong Kong. The images, the colours, and shots all worked very well for the film, now I’m not a Hong Kong enthusiast or anything, but wow. Kudos on the films production design or what not. As for whether I’d recommend it or not… um maybe on video (Wait did I say video? What?) DVD! I wasn’t bummed by the fact that I paid to see it seeing that the ticket was only $4.50. Overall I’d give this film a modest 3 Stars. Everything but a working plot is there, so it’s your call. I’d most definitely give a sequel a chance seeing as they’d have had an opportunity to work on not making it too confusing and too much in the story department. Below I’ve posted the trailer if your interested. Have you seen it? What do you think?


2 Responses to “‘Push (2009)’: Huh?”

  1. Crystal Says:

    “Dakota Fanning (You know who she is!)”

    If I only I didn’t.

  2. Steven Says:

    I saw this! Yeaaaaah, I agree. There were a lot of things that did not make sense in this film, definitely wasn’t just you drooling.

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