Really Darin? ‘See U At The Club’? Bad Choice.

February 20, 2009

Ok so I turn my back for just a little bit and what does he go and do? Release ‘See U At The Club‘ as his second single from his genius album Flashback. I’m a little upset that they decided that was single worthy, let alone follow after the brilliant hit ‘Breathing Your Love (Feat. Kat DeLuna)‘. Don’t get me wrong the Red One produced track is really good but it is defiantly album filler material and as the research shows the people of Sweden agree; the single debut at number 12 only to fall all the way to number 33 the following week. Darin I only want what’s best for you! Your one of my all time favorite artists! So hear we go… Below I will lay out some for-sure single worthy tracks that you can release next (and possibly immediately, just jump ship with that last single).

Fast Track, Club Worthy, Utterly Danceable… Strobelight

Slower, Great Lyrics, Amazing Chorus… Road Trip

What do you think?


One Response to “Really Darin? ‘See U At The Club’? Bad Choice.”

  1. Steven Says:

    I like strobe light!

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