There is a little bit of trouble with Britney’s new single.

January 23, 2009

So if you haven’t heard yet, ‘If You Seek Amy’ is Brit’s upcoming third single off of ‘Circus’ and some people aren’t too excited about that. Mainly it’s the Parents Television Council who are upset over the track’s clever title and lyric “… if you seek amy …” which pretty much sounds like F-U-C-K Me (for those who may have  missed that tidbit). Protests will ensue, edits will be made…blah, blah, blah. My problem is that THAT song was picked for a single. It is easily the most overrated song on the album (In my opinion). But with most all of the best tracks being bonus ones, there isn’t a lot of choice. ‘Radar’ is obviously out cos it was taken from her previous (and best) album ‘Blackout’, ‘Mmm Papi’ is cute but really just a filler track and that goes for ‘Mannequin’ too , and ‘Lace and Leather’ is good but for some reason I don’t see that being a single. ‘Kill The Lights’ … eh maybe. ‘Shattered Glass’ … possibly. But I think the best choice for a single is ‘Unusual You‘, most definitely.


4 Responses to “There is a little bit of trouble with Britney’s new single.”

  1. It shocks me that her songwriters didn’t realize how difficult it would be to get airplay for a song with a title like that.

    Then again, that was probably their intention. Cause enough controversy about the song….soon enough everyone wants to hear it.

  2. Tracy Says:

    Hey stranger! Your cousin-in-law here. Dale and Bristol are friends on Facebook and he saw you had a blog. I have really enjoyed reading through your posts. You have a knack for entertainment news! I have to say, I am not so hip on a lot of this because my days revolve around Sesame Street and Wonder Pets so it was nice to see what the “in” crowd knows.

  3. Bristol Says:

    Hey Kam. Unusual You is one of my favorites. I like Phonography too.

  4. Victor Says:

    You know she’s an attention whore. “What can I do to stir up some major buzz without defacing myself? Oh I know grab that track that’s racy, let’s release it.”

    I still like Kill the Lights. 😛

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