Are you aware?

January 21, 2009

Arnold Palmers are quite possibly the greatest drink ever made. Why isn’t this sweeping the nation? Ok, no this isn’t my first time having one, I just really wanted to share this glorious recipe with the world: half Ice Tea (best kind: unsweetened) + half Lemonade (It removes the need for sweetened tea, gross) = The greatest thing ever to come in a cup. It was coined by a golfer…blah, blah, blah. He sells it in a can for 99 cents, which is nice but homemade/by fountain is the best way to go. Some like a little more lemonade than ice tea, I prefer it with more ice tea than lemonade. And for those with a sense of adventure try using Limeade instead of Lemonade. That one is called a Chi-Chi Rodriguez, another golfer (sadly not a drag queen which I had first thought).


One Response to “Are you aware?”

  1. Crystal Says:

    You are so right, why isn’t this sweeping the nation? If an Arnold Palmer spilled on my computer, I could almost forgive it.

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