‘Cashback’ = Brilliant Movie.

December 18, 2008

Cashback (2006)

Cashback (2006)

Just the other night I decided to watch a movie through my Instant Watch option on Netflix, cos yeah Macs are now supported! And lucky me I decided to watch Cashback, pretty poster, interesting plot, and it was from the UK, why not? BEST DECISION EVER! This movie had a great lead in an even better story. (ok I’m not the best at describing films so here is what the description is:) “A slight but likable British comedy-fantasy with a touch of naughtiness, Cashback is an expanded version of director Sean Ellis’ Oscar-nominated short film of the same name about a bored supermarket clerk who discovers that he has the ability to stop time. Sean Biggerstaff (from the Harry Potter franchise) is Ben, a lovelorn young man whose chronic insomnia (due to a bad breakup) forces him to bury himself in pointless and repetitive work at a local grocery store. Once there, boredom causes him to believe that he can stop time, and he enjoys long and languid fantasies about undressing and sketching the female shoppers. But reality intrudes in the form of recollections of his troubled past, as well as the lovely presence of fellow clerk Sharon (Emilia Fox), who offers the promise of love in the real world.” The effects, music, and cinematography are amazing in this film.It has  definitely earned a spot as one of my favorite films. Check it out.



One Response to “‘Cashback’ = Brilliant Movie.”

  1. Sassafras Says:

    This was a fantastic movie! :] I am glad to know that other people are viewing it. I’ve tried to recommend it to friends and family with no success. Maybe if I forward your blog it’d change their mind.

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