Gay Superhero Coming To Showtime

November 19, 2008


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Showtime is developing an hourlong series based on Perry Moore’s novel “Hero”. The focus is on Thom Creed a gay teen superhero coming to terms with his sexuality and newly discovered powers. Set in a world where caped crusaders saving the day from villans is normal, Thom sets out to join the League (a group of do-gooders set out to fight the bad guys), ending in adventure and personal discovery with a group of misfit heroes. It was such a fun read and it is really great to read about a GAY superhero for a change. The world this is set in felt, to me, similar to a Sky High / The Incredibles sort of theme, but the story its self is much more of a mature matter. This book is a must for any superhero fan out there. I recommend you (whether your gay or straight) pick this up for a good read full of twists, villans, adventure, humor, and romance. I can only hope the TV series can be as good as the book, if not better. The author is set to write for the show, backed by comic man himself Stan Lee. I look forward to seeing it and who they will cast. I ‘ll try to keep you posted.


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